Greek Orthodox vs Roman Catholic Sacraments?

What sacraments, if any, that are preformed in a Greek Orthodox church are accepted by the Roman Catholic Church? For instance, if a baby receives Baptism, Confirmation & Holy Eucharist in the Greek church, is that accepted in the Roman Catholic church or would the baby have to receive the sacraments again in the Roman Catholic church. Also, if a couple is married in the Greek Orthodox church, does the Roman Catholic Church accept the marriage sacrament as valid in the Catholic Church? I know that Baptism and Confirmation confer a permanent mark on the soul so I can’t see how they can ever be performed twice but I would like to know if the Roman Catholic Church accepts the Greek Orthodox Baptism and Confirmation especially as well as how the Roman Catholic Church views the conferring of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist on a child that has not yet reached the age of reason.

Thank you.

Yes, the Catholic Church accepts as valid all sacraments of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. If someone has received baptism, confirmation, marriage, or ordination from the Greek Orthodox Church then the Catholic Church would not repeat them.

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