Greek Resources?

I’m a convert from evangelical Protestantism, and two tools I’ve always used in Bible study are the Greek texts published by the **United Bible Society **and the **Bauer/Gingrich **Greek lexicon.

I’m re-reading and studying the Joseph Ratzinger book, God’s Word, and the book makes references to some Greek so I pulled down my Greek resources to get some context and insight.

It occurs to me, though, that as a faithful Catholic these texts may not be the best. I’d like to know what Greek resources are used by faithful Catholics - are UBS texts of the New Testament okay? Is there a standard, academic lexicon?

God Bless and many thanks!

The critical editions are largely ecumenical, and there’s hardly any doctrinal danger in the letter of the Greek text. Catholics use pretty much the same resources as other Christians, the NA and UBS Greek New Testaments and pretty much similar lexicons such as the BAGD. If you want a some Catholic references, you can try Zerwick’s work, such as A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament.

Keep your BAGD. You’re lucky to have a copy.

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