Greek Translation

In Luke 22: 19, Christ says “do this in memory of Me”.

I had heard in an RCIA class, that the word used for memory, in the greek, actually meant “to make real again”. Does anyone know anything about that and whether or not it was true?

Yes, it means to make something present.


Thanks John.

Can you tell me where I can find that by any chance? It has, of course, come up in a debate. I backed myself into a corner and am hoping I was accurate in what I said, but haven’t yet found the detail to back up my statement.

Greek = “touto poieite eis teen emeen anamneesin” (where ‘e’ = epsilon and ‘ee’ = eta). Literally, 'this do-ye for the my memorial." Greek word anamneesis (Strong’s number 364) = a remembering, recollection, calling someone to remembrance. It is used almost interchangeably with hupomneesis, but the latter is shaded more toward a recollection prompted by some outside cue, while the former is shaded toward an unassisted recalling. This information from p. 40 of Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament.


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