Green advisor urges UK to cut population in half to 'build sustainable society'** Green advisor urges UK to cut population in half to ‘build sustainable society’… **

I am not sure who is the biggest threat. Terrorists or the population control (more like genocide) crowd. :frowning:

Green is the color of the Islam religion too. I smell a conspiracy here, as when the imam warned Europeans, 'We will out-breed you like mosquitoes".

Green is of great significance to Irish people, I smell an Islamo-Irish conspiracy, Roman Catholicism is merely a front, soon the Irish will reveal that they’ve always been working undercover for the Ummah.

Hang on of course I am blind to the real depths of this insidious plot - the Italian flag also uses the colour green (of course that’s a relatively recent flag to) so Kaninchen is really part of this plot to but trying to draw attention away from it and confuse the issue…

Yes now I see the truth!!!

You naughty, naughty conspirator Kaninchen :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not only that, there’s red in the Italian flag . . . .

. . . . wait a minute, there’s red in the US flag!

OMG It’s an Islamo-Irish-Italian Marxist Atheist conspiracy led by that pesky red, Chairman Obama :eek:

Obama 主席, 我爱你!

If this wierdo wants to cut England’s population in half, an awful lot of people will need to be killed. I wonder if he’s willing to volunteer. I suspect not. Who’s supposed to do the killing? The army? The police? How will the killees be selected? What a joke!

And as the Indian flag (green, white and orange) was heavily influenced by the Irish flag, the Hindus are going to have to admit to their part in this conspiracy, too. :smiley:

Probably not to be murdered, but choose who to murder.

This is what makes it scary. This is nothing new. It is just the Socialist mass murders in the past like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. It will be anyone who is not in lock step with them.

You really do need a new random insult generator.

My thought also. I can tell you I don’t know anyone of my EU relatives that would volunteer for this.

Whom would you suggest? Truths are not normally taken as unfounded insults.

It’s the unfounded insults taken to be truths that should be more concerning.

The only thing breeding like mosquitoes on th eemrald Isle is mosquitoes.

Shoot, with the birth rate in Europe plummeting this will likely happen eventually anyway.

Are they Islamic mosquitoes?

We have about 50,000 Muslims in Ireland- already the noise about them ‘invading’ us is starting from certain quarters…

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