Green advisor urges UK to cut population in half to 'build sustainable society'

The genocide crowd are the more dangerous. Instead of seeing children as a moral obligation, under the spell of this crowd, children are now seen as parasitic. ‘Moral’ people no longer will have children on account of this ethic.
Terrorists kill hundreds and sometimes thousands. Abortionists kill millions and tens and even hundreds of millions. that doesn’t even account for those who are not even conceived on account of the message.

Not everybody will listen to this message of course. Those who do not will form the cultures of the future.

Ireland has mosquitoes?:wink:

None that are sober.

Can’t say.
Defintely not Jewish ones though.
A lot has changed since those heady days in Egypt under the Pharoah.

That is true. And they are more insidious about how they do it. The make themselves like they actually care, but they don’t. All they care about is control and they have less possibility of achieving it with a larger population.

Their immoral agenda must be stopped and they must be convicted of their crimes.

Sometimes the Gross Generalization Wars seem so wonderfully balanced.

They are to some if it exposes the Socialist Liberal/Left for what they are. :shrug:

Note: This was not generated by a “Random Insult Generator”. The truth never is.

Environmentalism is not anti-Catholic. However, to the extent that the message of the greens is causing people from having babies on account of the greater environmental damage that children will cause the environment, the green message is indeed very anti-Catholic. It is anti-Jewish even.

It is anti-life.

I personally do not know for certain of any ulterior motives of the greens for propagating this anti-life message, but it is enough to know that for whatever reason they are propagating it, and therefore they are not aligned with the very pro-life message of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

It is basically a very nihilistic, self-loathing dogma.

It is not that human life will not go on. But anyone who buys into this green idea that the world is better off without their children will indeed self-exterminate. Peoples and cultures which see the green message as anit-life and reject it will carry on facing all the trials and tribulations of an often hostile environment just as mankind has always done.

Native birth rates of many European countries are already into the negative growth, where the population would be decreasing without outsourcing. This does not mean that the population will decrease, or be halved as is the green’s hope, for the economy dictates that more people come in order to fill the jobs of a relatively stronger economy. Socialist policy will dictate that there be a steady supply of workers in order to pay for the health and welfare of the aged and the non-workers.

Comments about drunken Irish mosquitoes aside, I have no wish for the mosquitoes of Ireland, if any even exist, to have to sober up on the blood of a less fun-loving population. I kind of like Irish culture, stereotypes and all.

Or even if the Emerald Isles revert back to a pristine, unpopulated wilderness without people of any kind, the amount of self-loathing that must go into someone actively choosing to not have children on account of the environment seems to me to to be tragic.

Epically tragic.

When did the French decide it was time to start getting serious about limiting immigration? Wasn’t it about the same time the huge numbers could no longer be sustained by the economy and riots broke out?


I don´t understand how it is said in Brazil, India, China, Vietnam or the countries of Africa, but Europe, in Europe the population is decreasing.

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