Green Cassock?

I saw a pic of an Orthodox Priest (UOC in the USA), with a lime green cassock…is he married?

are you sure its the cassock and not the outer gown they wear - I am appauling at correct names for things. :smiley:


Probably you are correct, as far as I understand black is reserved to represent the monastic life and other colors for the married priesthood.

I thought it was a rather odd color:shrug:

Black isn’t necessarily reserved for monastics. I’ve seen bishops dressed in burgundy or grey. I’ve seen married priests dressed in grey, white, green, burgundy, etc., etc., etc. It’s nice to have color options. :smiley:

In the highly unlikely event that I’d ever become a priest, I’d want to wear as many colors as I could, just to keep things lively. :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally, the celibate clergy will wear black or grey, as they are actually monks and ‘dead to the world’, this is not an ironclad rule but it is common.

The married clergy can wear black, but often avoid it. White is very common, but many other colors are possible. If one hears the term ‘White clergy’ in conversation that refers to the married clergy, or it can refer to the parish clergy in general.

Lime green? It’s a matter of taste I suppose, but some inner cassocks are in colors to match vestments. Essentially there are only light colors and dark colors, but the deacons, sub-deacons and servers will try to find a match to what the priest is wearing, and if not something close will have to do…

Ukrainians and Ruthenians wear some stunningly beautiful vestments. They also might paint their churches in the most surprising but beautiful colors.

What do you mean by Cassocks?

Priests have optional shirt colours I believe and yes finally we have a priest who wears a light blue colour and a grey colour shirt at other times though do wear black. But I never seen any other colour of Cassocks being worn other than black accept on Bishops who wear Purple. The long ‘black’ gown with buttons all down the front.

Checked out the link. * Cool* :thumbsup:

Honestly, I’m diggin’ that green.
The lady at KW Vestments says that she has made at least 1 green cassock (or whatever the correct term is… Zostiko? Exorassa?)

The actual ‘cassock’ was a Polish military garment, which caught on in a big way with clergy a couple of hundred years ago. it’s a one-piece close fitting robe.

Orthodox clergy wear a Riassa, which is similar. A lot of people, even English speaking Orthodox, use the term ‘cassock’ generically.

There was another thread which touched on this a bit recently.


you’d certainly keep me entertained… I don’t have any sympathy for priests who insist on wearing black on a hot day… I used to until I learned they do have a vast array of colour to choose from. :smiley:

The picture that was linked shows very clearly the green cassock.

I was checking on the costs of these things not long ago, it would be a small fortune. :slight_smile:

Huh. It doesn’t look as bad as I anticipated. I kinda dig it actually.

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