Green GP refuses to help women have large families

Green GP refuses to help women have large families

DR PIPPA HAYES, a Devon GP, has a conscientious objection. She believes couples should restrict their families to two children - and says she would not help to provide fertility treatment for women who want to have exceptionally large families.

Hayes, who underwent sterilisation after the birth of her second son, despite wanting a daughter, believes that large families place an insupportable burden on the planet’s resources. She states her beliefs on the website of her Exeter-based practice.

This weekend she said she would formally decline to help certain patients.
“If a mother of four came to me and said, ‘Will you refer me for fertility treatment so that I can have a fifth baby’, I would say, ‘Sorry, this is something which is against my beliefs, but I suggest you go and see one of my partners’. I believe I would have a right to be a conscientious objector if it happened.”

Now, a few days ago I saw a story* from the UK that a Baptist visiting nurse is being disciplined for offering to pray for her patients.
But apparently this eco-OB-GYN feels free to “impose his beliefs” on his patients.
What if a woman were pregnant with her fifth child w/o fertility treatment, would he still refuse to treat her?
Would it be admirable if a Christian doctor refused fertility treatments to an unmarried couple or a lesbian couple because it’s “against his beliefs”?

[FONT=Verdana][size=2]*I originally didn’t post the story about the nurse because it is from the Telegraph and our friends from the other side say it’s a rag & I shouldn’t believe anything in it. [/FONT][/size]

Sounds wrong, but then you consider the woman in CA with the 8 newborns & 6 more at home & no father in the picture& have to wonder…Would have been nice if someone had chosen conscientious objection there maybe.:confused:
I’d rather doctors turned away unmarried women than women with several other kids, but guess that will never happen these days.
I’m all for large families but believe in Catholic teaching re. marriage & conception. I know fertility treatments aren’t necessarily against Catholic teaching but they can inch one closer to that slippery slope.
All said, though, the doctor in the UK’s wrong.
Pretty silly, too, when you look at the birthrate declining as it is in Europe.:shrug:

Which begs the question, why would this doctor have the right to deny fertility treatment and another doctor not have the right to deny abortion treatment? HMMMM???

Because abortion is morally reprehensible since it is murder.

Guess you misunderstood the question.

Why is it that a doctor can deny fertility assistance to a patient and refuse to help and another doctor cannot refuse to help a patient with an abortion? What gives one doctor a right and denies another the same right?

Is that the case currently in the UK?

Don’t know about UK, but there is a current bill in the US that is being considered that will do just that.

The 1967 Abortion Act has a conscience clause and only last year the General Medical Council ruled in the case of a doctor who was under some pressure, in his GP training, to ‘refer’ cases to other doctors that he: “could not be dismissed or failed in his training for refusing to give abortion advice and prescribe contraceptives.”

So the op case is ‘sauce for the goose and gander’ situation.

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