Green Living


I would love to hear what people are doing these days to live more greenly.

Some examples of topics which might be interesting to discuss:

*]Lifestyle changes
*]Eating organic
*]Alernative medicine

Or, anything else you want to discuss!

Looking forward to hearing your ideas…



Recycling. Printing double sidded more often.


I live in a town where it is compulsory to sort your garbage into stuff that can be recycled (cardboard, paper, etc) and stuff that can’t (food waste, used tissues, etc.) Yay! ^^ I use Lunapads: washable, reusable menstrual pads. Whether you believe in global warming or not (I don’t), I think it’s a good idea to not waste resources.


We gardened and canned food while our children were smaller. We also had a small farm on which we had chickens, ducks, rabbits, cows, and pigs, which we used as food and also as a source of manure for the garden (after composting). We’re big believers in composting!
We try to use organic products but sometimes with a family that consists (now) of six that can be expensive.
We try to invest with companies with good morals, including environmental ethics.
We drive fuel-economy cars.
We try to cool the house with open windows rather than canned air conditioning, although here in OK it does get a little too hot to always do that.
I breast-fed our babies because breast feeding is best.
We recycle things rather than just throw them away.These are a few things we do…maybe think of more later…


A farm sounds like the idyllic life to me… how wonderful that must have been for your kids. Are you still living on the farm?

A question: is chicken manure safe to use on food plants? I’ve heard people say they use it on their grass, but I didn’t know about crops.



Does the city fine people? I’ve heard that in New Jersey and possibly New York there are fines for not recycling.

Here in my town, unfortunately, it’s optional. It’s sad to see that the majority of people do not put their recycling bins out with the garbage can.



P.S. About global warming: I’m not sure I have a finite opinion, but I do know, from watching the documentary Planet Earth, that arctic polar bears are having a harder time catching seals now, because the winter ice melts too quickly in the spring. The program implied that it was due to global warming.

What do you think?



My daughter uses a “green” dry cleaners. When I asked how she knew it was environmentally friendly, she said, “It must be. The clothes still have stains on them.”

I’m afraid I’m one of the non-converted.


I wish we had recycle bins in my city. I grew up in a city that has provided them (and curbside pickup) for 20 years, and it was a bit of a shock to have to cart the stuff to recycling centers myself. :o

Let’s see…I also use Lunapads, I’ve started switching us over to more eco-friendly and less synthetic-chemical household cleaners (Trader Joe’s has some good things, including liquid laundry soap scented with lavender oil :thumbsup: ) and cosmetic cleansers (I highly recommend the Tom’s of Maine dental care and Chagrin Valley Soaps products), we drive cars with good gas mileage, and we try not to use too much energy or water.

We don’t have central A/C which has the advantages of using less energy and thus keeping the energy bills low, but good grief, when it’s 90+ degrees and 90%+ humidity, being “green” is the last thing on my mind.

I love my university because there are good buses all over the city and campus and recycling bins everywhere. Unfortunately that’s canceled out by the fact that I’m in biomed research and there’s a lot of waste (IMO) with all the one-use sterile plastics and what-not. I wish there was a way around that

I don’t know too much about alternative medicine, but one of DH’s cousins just finished her doctorate in that very field. When she gets back from her honeymoon, I’ll have to pick her brains.


Ha! That’s hilarious.
As far as the farm, we gave it up last year to move to town but still live on an acre of land. We’re wanting to put in a chicken pen again but don’t know if city ordinances will allow them. Have to find out…
My kids loved living on a farm and seeing the different personalities of the animals. They also learned that food comes from SOMEWHERE, not just the grocery store. I used to have them help me in the garden and they always had chores in taking care of the animals.
We try to be environmentally-conscious but are global-warming skeptics (my husband is a scientist and is only convinced by empirical evidence of stuff). That being said, I believe God put us on earth to be good stewards of the earth.
I mentioned in another thread about having been the child of missionaries in Mexico from ages 6 - 13. When we came back I was appalled, and still am, at the gross consumerism I see in Americans. We need to scale back and live simpler lives, giving money to the poor like Jesus said.


I don’t know if people are fined, actually… But everyone sorts into blue and green bags, and it’s all taken away to the same place where further sorting is done, I think.

I never saw that one, but I did see a bit of Al Gore’s video. Cute computerized polar bear, but absolutely NO MENTION of any scientific studies conducted to study the polar bears, and to see if they normally struggle through life, and still manage to survive, or whether they are actually in trouble. Anyone could film a polar bear which is struggling to catch a seal, and say “Look! Polar bears are struggling to catch seals!” which really doesn’t prove anything. One would have to do an in-depth study over many years to account for abnormalities before one could determine if there was anything to worry about. As an aside, 30-40 years ago, everyone was worrying about ‘global cooling’. :shrug:


That is absolutely right…I remember when the Earth was going to go through another “Ice Age”. The truth is, no one really knows why the earth has warmed up by .75 degrees average over the last century. It is almost too negligible to be mentioned.
My opinion for what it’s worth.


we are given recycle bins in our town for free and once a week you need only set them out at the end of your drive way and someone will come pick it up for you:thumbsup:


I buy organic when possible, grow a few veggies (it’s hard in a state where the only topsoil is sugarsand!) and recycle as much as I can. I am firmly on the side of belief in global warming, but it doesn’t influence my decision to be eco-friendly. We are stewards of the earth and as such I believe we have a responsibility to take care of our planet.


Great thread!!!

My husband and I started eating organic a few years ago…we eat more fish, and we try to buy ocean line caught and not farm raised as much as possible. We drive less, and walk more. (when we can) We run our a/c much less, and run the fans in the house more…except at night, I need a chilly house to sleep.:blush: We used to garden in PA, and eat a lot of homegrown veggies that way, but we live in an area now in FL, where homeowners cannot have gardens…so, what can ya do? I’m a huge believer on organic supplements and vitamins. Hesitate to pop pills unless we are deathly ill…and need an antibiotic. Now I have tried organic methods for hormones, but I came back to the pill, begrudgingly. But, I use it strictly for medicinal purposes.

I think if people make small changes daily…it will impact our world…one person at a time.:thumbsup:


You know what is a little odd in my new neighborhood? There is no recycling program here…we didn’t receive any bins?:hmmm:


that is odd:confused:


and we live in surrounded by nature nature nature…nature trails…a conservation area…kinda strange. maybe i better check into it…


In my town( a cincinnati suburb) there is a charge for recycling. the bin cost a couple of bucks a month


PS chicken manure can be used for fertilizer


I suggested trying some organic shopping a couple of months ago. As soon as my wife saw the prices of the veggies she did her thing where she crosses her arms, tilts her head ever so slightly, and gives me that “not in a million years” look. It’s one of her things, sort of like trying to her to buy brand name anything. The climate here is pretty mild so running the A/C is pretty much a late June-August only thing. We have to recycle as per Seattle ordanance. With the deck, hottub, and lawn there really isn’t room for gardening of any sort. Won’t give up the hottub, the muscle relaxing is nice but wife and swimsuit combo is the main thing.

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