Green Scapulas


Hello all,
Does anyone know about green scapulars or this website?

I would like to make pocket shrines for my family and I was looking for a scapular for them. I know the brown scapular must be around the neck but I son’t know about a green one.



I don’t think you have to wear the green scapular for it to work. You can place it in a wallet, put it under a mattress, hang it in a room.


“Scapulas”? Either a) you’re from the Northeast :smiley: b) you’re looking for someone with green bones to wear around your neck :eek: or c) you misspelled “scapulars” :tsktsk:


I am from the Northeast and I did spell it wrong!! So “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”:slight_smile:


Thanks BLP. I guess I can use it then.:thumbsup:

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