Greenville police conclude investigation into BJU

Insufficient evidence exists to establish probable cause or prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bob Jones University employees failed to report knowledge of criminal sexual conduct against juvenile students, the Greenville City Police Department said Monday.

The police investigation stemmed from a high-profile report that found students who reported sexual abuse were blamed for bringing it on themselves and that proper authorities were not notified. The Police Department’s seven-month investigation centered on allegations that teachers, counselors and school administrators at the school may have known about crimes of a sexual nature against students but did not report it.

In 2012, Bob Jones University contracted with an independent, nonprofit organization — Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment — to investigate its handling of reports of sexual abuse. The two-year investigation is commonly called the GRACE report and included discussions with 40 victims who detailed abuse over a 40-year period.

No great surprise really.
Considering how this brand of IFBs treat women, even to make the accusation puts one “in rebellion” against God and God-given “authority”.
IFBs are a cult, period.

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