Greeting cards question


I was just wondering what other people do with their greeting cards.

I don’t want to throw them away, but I also don’t want to just pile them up, it seems if I’m going to keep them I should “do” something with them.

Are there any ideas of what I can do, or am I just being a pack rat:o …now, I don’t mind cutting them up a little, etc. to make them work:D . Any suggestions and ideas would be great:thumbsup:!!!


scrapbook them! I try to use the ones the kids get for birthdays as photo frames or die cuts for their birthday scrapbook page. The same thing for christmas cards. I use them as boarders, die cuts or frames for Christmas pictures. And if it’s especially gorgeous, I actually have an album that is nothing but cards. I do get rid of a good deal though because I can’t keep all of them, but that’s what I do with the ones I want to keep! :smiley:

You can also use some to make place mats for kids, or cut them out to use as boarders for picture frames to send to people.


Cut off the pretty fronts (assuming there is no writing on the other side). Cut them into bookmark size/shape, and tuck one in any book you give as a gift. Cut ornament-shaped pieces (2 each, same size and shape) from Christmas cards, glue them together (wrong sides together) with a looped hanging cord at the top, and hang on the Christmas tree.

If you have a senior center or nursing home mearby, check to see if they can use the fronts for crafts projects.

If you have a package of blank computer greeting cards with envelopes, you can reuse the prettiest fronts – print what you want on the inside of the card, then cut the front from the used card, and glue it to the computer card. This is also a good use for those sample cards (fronts only, with advertising printed on the back) that you get from organizations advertising their cards.

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I save the ones that were esp. meaningful in a pretty box.

I use the others for kids’ craft projects, and some of the stuff suggested by Carol.



Recycle along with newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and other paper products. Green is good.



:nope: You have the sentimental heart of a cabbage! :smiley:


I toss them…all of them unless there is a handwritten message, or letter or poem written in them.

If all it is is a birthday card that says “love sis” in it I see no sense in keeping zillions of those…sorry if this sounds cold but that’s what I do.


The ones I am actually talking about are the ones with writing, with loving words inside…I think that is why I don’t want to throw them away. The ones with no actual note or just have a name I recycle, I have no problem with those cards.


I keep a shoe box with all of the cards from my kids in it. I write a message to them on the inside or on the back of the card. I just write whatever I am moved to write. Usually it is about how they are growing, special little things about them, etc. I know this sounds morbid, but they will be there for them to find when I die. They don’t know that I do this. Well, they are too little right now to care, but I don’t intend on telling them.

I got this idea from one of those Chicken Soup books. I think it was for the Mother’s Soul.


make bookmarks, we do this to give as token gifts when I need a lot of little giveaways for people
make Christmas tree ornaments, or gift tags
exceptionally pretty scenes can be used in decoupage if you are crafty
granddaughter made me a cute box which she decorated from images cut out of greeting cards, all birds.

give them to your CCD director or classroom teacher for crafts.
I have a set of illustrations of mysteries of the rosary on flash-cards made from greeting card images (also used some calendar illustrations–calendars are another thing I like to have donated if the pictures are good).

some crafts we have made using greeting cards:
Nametags for CCD or VBS
Stick puppets
feltboard figures
re-use cut-out images to make new greeting cards
to illustrate placemats, baskets, fans, gift boxes and other crafts
covers for journals, folders or scrapbooks

we built Marian shrines in VBS one year

we built a church in one class, and used greeting card images for saint shrines and stained glass windows.


When my grandmother died in a nursing home by herself, I was
so sad. I felt she had died from a broken heart. Then I found she had saved all her cards. Cards can literally turn into antiques and become quite fascinating. You’ve heard it said “they don’t make 'em like that any more”. Very true as the years go by. Reading those cards was my only comfort – proof that she was loved, and that she appreciated the love given her. Yes I save all my cards, they are well organized.


So how do you organize them, by year, occasion, etc.? And where do you organize them, do you keep them in boxes in the basement, closet, etc.?


The Christmas cards are criss-cross rubber-banded together
with a piece of paper on top that says “Christmas 2003” or
whatever year it is. I have a second pack for that same year
of all the other occasions put together. So I have 2 packs per
year. I keep them all in order in clear storage boxes in the
basement. I feel very well satisfied to be able to look them up
when I want to. I do have to replace old rubber bands every few

I made some people very happy by giving them cards they had
sent to my grandma 20, 50 or 70 years ago.


I am a sentimental fool I guess and have a hard time parting with things like cards,but they can overwhelm you.I have an actual Valentine’s Day card to my grandmother when she was a little girl circa 1920 and it is a priceless treasure to me.I am so thankful that someone years ago decided to keep that card so that I can look at it almost a 100 years later:). I do save special cards (like for my 40th Bday) and I hide them so Hubby doesn’t throw them out (we are total opposites that way he throws everything away,and I’d save it all).If you have a lot of them,I wonder if you could scan them all and put them on a cd.I don’t think that would make me happy,but it might be a good compromise.

I have to say that I am glad I saved those cards from my daddy telling me how much he loved me.He’s been gone almost 8 years but I still tear up when I see his handwriting.Keep some if it makes you happy.Sometimes keeping something for just a little while can satisfy you then you can always get rid of it later.


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