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I just recently posted in the EC forum looking for any practical tips or programs to help my parish in its outreach and evangelization efforts. But since this forum gets more traffic, and it is specfically dedicated to evangelization, I thought I would post here too.

What does your parish do successfully to reach out and bring back in lapsed Catholics, especially lapsed parish members?
What does your parish do successfully to reach out to new members, either non-Catholic or non-Christian?
If you came back to the Faith through evangelization, what worked in your journey?

Please remember we are a small parish, with very limited resources. Very inexpensive methods are ideal. Thanks!!

Here are two explainations to help you go door to door.

Door to Door

Knocking on doors
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Thanks for the wonderful responses! I have made an appointment with my pastor to speak with him and am going to a Legion of Mary meeting next week.

To those who find it obnoxious, I can see your point. JW’s and Mormons can be obnoxious because in their eyes, their way in the only way to salvation and they are desperate to get you to join them. I am wanting to go just to talk with people and educate them on the faith that you and I share. Many people(myself included) are unaware about the Church. Before my conversion I thought the Catholic Church was just another Christian denomination. I had no idea what Protestant meant. No idea about the Eucharist or the wonderful sacrament of reconciliation.


We had a different approach for our evangelizing teams. Our RE made up a 20 question survey, questions about catholic faith, questions about catholic practices, questions about participants’ personal feelings about certain issues, etc.

Our teams would ask the people who answered doors, if they would take a survey to help the Catholic church. If they said no, our team thanked them, and left. Three times out of five, people would say yes. It took a total of 15 minutes with people, who were uninterested in any dialog. Sometimes, our team could engage people in a conversation about our Church.

People were far more receptive to participating in a survey. We did this for 2 months, only 2 bad experiences, people upset over the scandal.

You will find many more articles here:

You could also hold a free film night in a park and ask if anyone would be interested in volunteering to help at concession stands and let these people come, eat and discuss the things of present day goings on. Be kind to them, and in return by example of kindness and conversation you may just win them over. A local fish fry at the church during Lent might be another chance just to let them come and feel welcome in the new surroundings. Let them ask you questions and converse with them about anything they wish to know. And in doing this, you may have people who come to your church and want to know more about Catholicism and Christ and why the EC teaches what it does. Doing it slowly and patiently is the key. Never push for them to join, let them decide if they want to, and those who truly wish to be there will join and stay, Patience, kindness, love and being non judgemental are the best things I can give you on top of this. I hope this has helped.

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