Greetings On The 91st Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun


Dear friends,
91 years ago today our Lady appeared for the last time at the Cova da Ira in Fatima and granted the world the miracle of the sun, witnessed by an astonished and terrified crowd of 70,000 people (atheists and other non-Catholics among them, many of which converted). This has surely been the most momentous and well-attested miracle of Christianity since the resurrection of Our Lord, certainly, at least in recent memory. If this is news to you, please see the group pictures where the story is contained in the captions.

But this frightening vision, occurring all the way back in 1917, was an implicit warning against impending judgement. How much more blood is upon our hands since those times! How many fewer holy priests and religious we have to intercede for us before the throne of almighty God! How much less are the remedies prescribed by our Lady at Fatima known and practiced: the daily rosary, the wearing of the brown scapular, the devotion of the first saturdays, and prayer and penance for sinners! On this historic day I ask you to remember the words of Our Lady who came to us as a prophetess and as our Mother and Queen to entreat us with tears and supplications!

Remember this day to say the holy rosary, begging Our Lady’s intercession (find others to say it with you if you can), and to make some fitting act of penance, and to spread the word about Our Lady’s urgent message.

If you know anyone that is looking for a miracle they can’t disprove, this, dear friends, is it. 70,000 people.

May almighty God have mercy on us!

[Coped from The Urgent Message of Our Lady of Fatima]

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