hi am new from Nigeria just want 2 say hi 2 every body

hi to you also…please pray for us all…that the Lord will grant us His grace; and show His mercy on us and on the whole world…Amen

Welcome ptilabari.:tiphat::wave:
Be at home.
Glad you’re here.
Enjoy the site.
Come along on the journey of faith.
God bless.:harp::highprayer:

Welcome! The Catholic Church has grown strong on the continent of Africa. God Bless!!



Hello, ptilabari, and welcome! :slight_smile:



Welcome! We are glad to have you here. :slight_smile:

May God bless your journey here and may you enjoy His blessings. Pray for us, Ptilabari; we wish to grow in faith with you. :highprayer:

Blessings. :wink:

Welcome! Great to have you with us!

Luz María :curtsey:


It’s nice to meet you.


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