Gregorian Chant, so easy even a 8 year old can do it!

I saw this video on Fr. Z’s blog, it’s about Chant Camp at St. Anne’s Church in San Diego:

I thought it was pretty neat, and it is so lovely to hear the kids singing the chants. Enjoy!


Oh, how I miss Gregorian Chant, Incense and the EF Mass! Thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile:

If you come to our abbey, you can get 2 out of 3! (Gregorian chant and incense, but OF Mass).

You’re right. It can be done in the OF Mass and should be. Would bring everyone in synch with Vatican II among other things.

Key is to start early.

Me too. I sang Gregorian Chant when I was eight also.

I still do and I’m 56 :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a small schola in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and we sing at Mass once a month (always Ordinary Form) from September through June. We also do, on request, funerals, benefit concerts to help churches raise funds (we’ve done it for parish anniversaries, raising funds to restore a pipe organ, etc.).

We’d probably do it for weddings too but it seems we get far lots of requests for funerals, never for weddings :frowning:

And the first issue is to weed out the children who can’t sing. Any children’s choir worth its salt did that from the beginning. For sure, the sisters did that to us.

When I was in San Diego I went to an EF Mass at St. Anne’s. I was amazed at how many children were there and even better how many of them knew many of the prayers and songs.

Why not teach them how to sing rather than weeding them out?

In fact, why not teach adults to sing?


Oh Cat…always so funny…:smiley:

Srsly though, YES. We should expect and teach adults to sung. People tell me I have a lovely voice, but I’ll never believe it. Sr. M. P. (don’t worry, she’s no longer a sister) labeled me a “RedBird” in first grade. Red birds didn’t sing. they just mouthed the words. Only blue birds were allowed to sing. She also labeled my Marian Shrine the 2nd ugliest in the class. It got placed in the very back of the display, so as not to offend.

I remember crying all the way home.

I should thank her really…she spurned my career as a musician and liturgist, working in Church environment for 20 years. And my absolute love for the Blessed Virgin. I’ll bet one day, if I get to heaven, she’ll be there holding my pathetic little shrine…“I’ve kept it all these years.”

But sing. Yes! Everybody SING!

That should work. No problem. :slight_smile:

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