Gregorian Chant Thread

What’s so odd is that I’m a young adult. I’m not buying into the popular secular music that 99% of my high school listens to. I really have no interest in hearing about violence, gangs, drugs, or any other type of bad influences that are often in this type of media I love this unique genre of music and it was my original curiosity about Catholicism - now I’ve looked into this church and have every intention to convert. I also enjoy “epic” music, such as the ones that the movie trailers frequently play. These usually involve some form of opera or chant and is accompanied by a background of orchestra.

List good gregorian chants here: Streaming MP3 or iTunes
Format of listing - (Title - Artist - Link if needed)


  1. The Fall of Rome - Kerry Muzzey -

  2. Angelus - Monks of the Abbey of Notre Dame -

Your are not alone - forty years ago when I was a senior in high school . I did not protest; I didn’t let my hair grow long; I didn’t protest the Vietnam war but enlisted in 1971.

So: here is the one album which retains that which is familiar to the folks of my current generation:

More secular/video which alludes to HMC:

Don’t give up! You’ld be surpised to know the number of people who like this type of music!

I love gregorain chant too!
I am also young (25) and fell in love with it when I studied music in college.

Dies Irae (or “Day of Wrath” about the Second Coming of Christ & Judgment Day, Latin Catholic hymn) -

I’m 16 and I :heart: Gregorian Chant. I’m looking for some good material to get off itunes and burn into my own 'Good Catholic Stuff" cd.:thumbsup:

I also love classical music and baroque opera, great stuff.

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