Gregorian chants for wedding

Can anyone recommend some Gregorian chants or a good link for a wedding? We’re meeting with our music director this weekend, but I would like to have some ideas beforehand. If possible, please mention the specific part of the ceremony that it is used in.


Check out this blog post by my buddy Aristotle.

If you want more specific help, leave a comment at the post linked to above, and he can get in touch with you.

Meanwhile, see if your director will sing these:


Communion (Preferably before anything else is sung)

There are actually options in the Ordinary Form, but the traditional chants of the Extraordinary Form (which are of course allowed in the OF) are:

  1. Introit- IN. Deus Israel coniungat vos (Tobias 7:15; 8:19)
  2. Gradual Psalm - GR. Uxor tua (Ps 127:3)
  3. Alleluia - AL. Alleluia Mittat vobis Dominus (Ps 19:3)
  4. Offertory - OF. In te speravi (Ps. 30:15-16)
  5. Communion - CO. Ecce sic benedicetur (Ps. 127:4, 6)

Outside Paschaltide there’s also the Tract - TR. Ecce sic benedicetur (Ps. 127:4-6).

The above link from Aristotle Esguerra is a really good one. I’ve had recourse to it often over the last year.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am in the same boat! We too are incorporating quite a bit of Chant for our Nuptial Mass. Providentially, a number of fantastic resources exist on the web. Also, stephraim is absolutely correct about the Propers of the Nuptial Mass - we are using several of them ourselves!

I also got in touch with the aforementioned Aristotle Esguerra, he was most helpful in getting me the music for the Propers.

Here are some other helpful links:

This website has music and recordings for all the settings of the Ordinary of the Mass (Kyrie, [Gloria,] Sanctus, Agnus Dei)

This website has links to untold numbers of hymns, chants, etc. - you name it, it’s somewhere around here.

Please PM me if you need/want further information, I am happy to share so you don’t have to find it all yourself!

Also - I assume the Mass will be OF, and (other than the Gregorian Chant) in the vernacular?

Congratulations again!

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