Gregorian Masses and Purgatory


Since there appears to be a number of discussions currently regarding Purgatory, here’s a question: Gregorian Masses (i.e. offered for 30 consecutive days for a soul) are said to be very helpful in rescuing souls quickly. But how quickly? We’re told that Pope St. Gregory began this tradition - when saying the Masses for a deceased priest. This priest later appeared telling Pope St. Gregory that the Masses were instrumental in getting him released from Purgatory. And that’s how the tradition of Gregorian Masses began.

But that priest may have had less time to serve in Purgatory. I’ve looked online in the past - descriptions are pretty much the same on various sites. Anyone have some in-depth info? How much Purgatory time do Gregorian Masses reduce? The Masses are SAID for 30 days - but does that or doesn’t it mean the soul is RELEASED in 30 days? Can we have them offered more than once for one soul?


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There is no time in purgatory as here. Our prayers etc are as good in 50 yrs etc as today for the Holy Souls. The 30 masses will release any soul from purgatory when done, if they did not need 30 the extra benefit will go to others in purgatory. That’s how I see it.

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