Gregorian Masses and Wills

I am preparing my last will and testament and I wanted to know if it is possible for me to stipend in advance Gregorian Masses in order for them to be said upon my passing.

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Yes, some places will do this for you. I recommend you contact one of the groups that does Gregorian Masses all the time, like the Seraphic Mass Association.

If you pre-pay the Masses in this way, then your executor will need to contact whatever group it is and let them know when you’ve passed so they can say the Masses. You will need to put all this explicitly in your will.


Thanks for bringing this up. I did not know this could be done. I have put in my will, among other things, that I wish for the SSPX to celebrate thirty consecutive Gregorian Traditional Latin Masses for the repose of my soul. I have directed that the stipend be paid out of my estate.

I may check this out.


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