Gregorian Masses at CNEWA

Please utilize the Gregorian Masses at CNEWA, the charity begun by the Pope.

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I literally have no idea what you’re talking about…

Whats CNEWA? What are you saying or asking?

Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) has been a lifeline for the poor throughout the Middle East, Northeast Africa, India and Eastern Europe for more than 90 years.

Founded by Pope Pius XI in 1926, CNEWA works for, through and with the Eastern Catholic churches to identify needs and implement solutions.

From forming priests to serve the people of God in Egypt to providing irrigation to farmers in southern Lebanon — from teaching needy children in Ethiopia to educating sisters in India — from providing emergency relief to Syrian Christian refugees to counseling for war-scarred children in Gaza, CNEWA connects you to your brothers and sisters in need. Together, we build up the church, affirm human dignity, alleviate poverty, encourage dialogue — and inspire hope.


Some of us like to have a series of Gregorian Masses said for our deceased friends and loved ones, who may be in Purgatory. This is a consecutive series of Masses said on consecutive days. The cost is obviously higher than just one Mass. If we have these said, we can have confidence that we have done our best for that particular person, although of course whether the Masses provide sufficient grace to get the person from Purgatory to Heaven is up to God, and also it’s possible the specified person might already be in Heaven, or in Hell, in which cases the Masses are used by God to help some other soul.

Missions and monasteries frequently offer this service as a way of raising funds for their own upkeep through the stipends they receive. It is generally not practical for a parish to do it because a parish priest probably has a lot of parishioners requesting that a Mass be said and it is not easy for him to reserve a number of consecutive days for one person. So such requests are usually sent to a mission or monastery, where there are more priests who need to say one Mass a day and may not be deluged with requests for intentions, and can also use the stipends for their support.

I have used CNEWA (Catholic Near East Welfare Association, two or three times for Gregorian Masses, for my father-in-law and for a deceased friend or two. As stipends go, theirs is among the lower ones suggested for this service; I tend to spread my Gregorian Mass donations around to several different places, so I see different stipends. They have their process set up very efficiently as well, and I believe you can make all the arrangements right on the Internet without having to call someone or mail a check.

Their stipend is around $150 last I checked, which is amazingly reasonable, especially since I’ve seen them as high as $600 at one of my favorite priestly organizations. Of course, cost of living for priests in different parts of the world probably impacts the stipend, and I can’t imagine that any priest would deny someone who truly couldn’t pay the full amount.

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My guess is depending on how much you were able to pay, they might offer to do fewer Masses (like give you one Mass instead of a whole bunch in a row, or enroll you or your loved one in some perpetual Mass novena) or try to refer the request elsewhere.

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