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I asked this question on the Ask an Apologist section and never got an answer. I was hoping people here would be willing to share their views on Gregory Popcak’s books. I am specifically interested in his book Holy Sex!: A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving, but any opinions about his works in general would be welcome. Do any of his works carry the Nihil Obstat? I’ve never heard of him before, and I would also like to read the TOB and maybe a Christopher West book and I’ve already read some other encyclicals (Humanae Vitae etc), but the summaries I’ve read seem to show that his book would answer my questions. I know the TOB would obviously be the best source, but I also know it’s vague (because it has to be) and I need something a little more specific. I almost bought a book written by Italian theologians about the TOB until I read that they call themselves “liberal Catholics.” I want to be sure to avoid any other “liberal Catholic” works on morality.

I have the Popcak book…I just started it.

Christopher West’s books are good too, especially “The Good News about Sex and Marriage”

Cardinal Chaput of Denver wrote an endorsement of the Christopher West book. He is a pretty orthodox Bishop.

I have not read that particular book, but Greg Popcak is a reliable author. He is a marriage counselor who is very insistent on following Church teaching. He has been a speaker at CCL’s convention, and was very enjoyable.

He is one of the primary bloggers on the Heart, Mind & Strength website ( where he dispenses very wise advice. He does have a particular sense of humor that might take some getting used to.

I would regard him as a reliable source.

God Bless

EDIT: His website is the Pastoral Solutions Institute, his counseling practice. Heart, Mind & Strength is the radio show he does on Ave Maria Radio.

Thanks for the input. Maybe I will get his book.

I have never read his books myself but my brother (a faithful Catholic, NFP teacher, and Catholic social worker) loves his books. I’m not sure if any of his books carry the nihil obstat and imprimatur, but I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to as they are not theological books, but are more pastoral/counseling type books.

In any case, I’d have no trouble recommending Popcak’s books as faithfully Catholic from everything I have ever heard.

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