Grenade explodes at Philippine cathedral [CWN]

A grenade has exploded at the cathedral of the Vicariate Apostolic of Jolo in the southern Philippines. No one was injured in the blast, and no one has claimed responsibility, though the …


[quote=Philippine Star article]Hontiveros said the M72 grenade was fired somewhere nearby but fell short and instead hit the fence at the back of the Mt. Carmel Cathedral compound, where there is a Marine detachment.

He said the attack was suspected to be the handiwork of the Abu Sayyaf.

It was the fourth attack on the cathedral in recent years.

Brig. Gen. Rustico Guerrero, chief of Task Force Comet, said they suspected that the target of the attack was the Marine unit at the back of the cathedral’s compound.

Jolo is located in the mostly Muslim south of the Philippines. there are various rebel groups trying to create an independent Muslim state. and there’s the notorious Al Quaeda funded sub-group called the Abu Sayaff which is a small bandit group that engages in terrorist activities including kidnap-for-ransom to help them fund their operations

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