Greta Van Susteren Out at Fox News


I wish her good luck and hope things go well for her.


Seems like a big shake up is going on there. Gretchen Carlson just settled her law suit for 20 million. Roger Ailes got 40 million to go away. They brought Brit Hume back from the crypt. What’s next? Steve Doocie? Rumor has it that Donald is considering starting a new media empire with Roger Ailes.


It is more likely that she is not young, beautiful or sexy which is what drives the ratings, not intellectual ability and perception of world matters and news. Just saying…


Not to be mean, but her selling point was never being “young, beautiful, or sexy”. How did she manage to be to be on the air for 14 years?



Fox News is old and tired. There is nothing to set them apart from CNN other than rhetoric.
Watch how they bungle their ‘retooling’. The big media outlets have no clue what people want. They don’t stand a chance once their baby-boomer demographic is gone.

Glenn Beck seems to have found a niche with those who distrust government and big media. I’m sure more will follow a similar path of creating smaller, more nimble news outlets.


It’s usually about “who you know, not what you know.” There is probably more going on than we know for.


I did read somewhere that Fox News conducts its business like a high priced gentleman’s club. I thought it was an apt description. At least 20 women are coming forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Ailes; and now he’s advising Trump. Go figure:shrug:
I wonder if Greta is going to be working with Ailes on a new venture.


From her facebook page


Maybe it’s only that GVS is “old and tired”. I don’t know how old she is, but that’s a mighty big squirrel cage she has been running in for a lot of years. I don’t know how any of them can stand it for very long. She would be wealthy enough at this point that she can do anything she wants to do.

Not to be catty here, but I used to like Glenn Beck. But he has run completely off the rails of sanity. I can’t imagine him ever having anything other than a “niche” public; the conspiracy/nut case “put-twenty-years-of-food-in-your-basement-along-with-your-Kruegerrands” crowd.


Was it the blackboards?


Fox News is imploding. Greta is fantastic, and one thing I really admire about her is you couldn’t really tell how she personally felt about something. She didn’t try to brainwash viewers with her personal opinion. That’s so rare these days. I wish her the best of success wherever she ends up, because any network would be lucky to have her.


My thought too.:thumbsup:


My friends and I really like One America News:


I do have that channel on my cable, but I haven’t watched it much. I’ve been trying to detox from ‘the news’. Living in Ohio during a presidential election, there are nothing but political ads on TV, DVR is a must have.


Well, well, well. Greta’s husband says there may be litigation in the future:

“There’s so much chaos, it’s very hard to work there," Coale said. Pressed on why Van Susteren used the clause to exit, he said, “There’s more than meets the eye” and there “might be litigation in the future” but did not comment further.


You folks watch TV? Really? OK…


What little Fox News I catch is via the internet because we no longer have cable. But why would you even make that sort of comment? It’s like you’re trying to make people feel stupid for staying informed about current events. They’re not talking about the latest sit-com, they’re talking about a news channel. Is the air thin way up there on your high horse?


Actually what is unique about the beauties at Fox News is that they are in fact very intelligent and well educated.All of them are lawyers some having served in the higher ranks in Washington. But hey,don’t let the facts get in the way of your biases;)


I don’t watch tv, but the Mrs used to like GVS. I think she could have a job within days if she wanted. May decide to take some time off though.


And I’m sure Ailes was interested in their intellect, especially when he had glass tops put on the desks so he could see their brains.

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