Gretchen Carlson Sues Fox News CEO Roger Ailes for Sexual Harassment

I’m not surprised she names Steve Doocy. I like Kilmeade though.

Not surprised. Why?

So much for Fox News and family values.

I was not aware a verdict was made?

It has not been made yet. The CEO was accused though.

Looks like a he said she said. Unless she can come up with some witnesses she will have a problem especially in light of the fact FOX has a whole stable of attractive female anchors none of whom have reported problems. T

So how does that reflect on Fox News family values?

A perfect defense is that Mr. Ailes is transgendered.

It means that they would be somewhat hypocritical if the accusation turned out to be true.

Oh? Why would you believe Gretchen Carlson over Ailes and Doocy? Remember, they shoved Sean Hannity into a less desirable slot for Megan Kelly because they thought Kelly had a better draw than Hannity, and perhaps she does. As strange as it might seem to some, it’s entirely possible Fox thought Hasselbeck was a better draw than Carlson.

And does anybody believe Ailes shoved Greta Van Sustern out of a better slot because she wouldn’t sleep with him? No. She just wasn’t getting the draw.

And what about Tammy Bruce, who is getting more air time lately. Does ANYBODY believe for a moment that’s a result of sexual politicking with Ailes?

That’s a tough, tough industry, and people come and they go, based on their popularity with viewers as perceived by those who run it. For every Gretchen Carlson there are undoubtedly a thousand people more talented than her waiting in the wings. She doesn’t get what she thinks is her due and so she plays the sexist card.

Not admirable.

If. So the statement you made is meaningless until their is proof, correct?

And why would anybody believe Ailes over Carlson? Just asking

This may turn out to be a plus for her. She was too smart for that place anyway. i wish her well.

I have heard both Megyn Kelley and Great Carlson rave about what a great boss he is. I think we are looking at sour grapes

Hard to say. Lots of highly paid people love their boss until they get fired. I agree we need to wait and see what comes of it. Just accusations at this point. If they are true, I would expect there to be witnesses to corroborate some of it.

This all might make sense if Gretchen’s show was getting low ratings, but according to the linked article “her show The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson was the leading cable news show in its afternoon time slot.” You don’t fix what ain’t broken; unless there is behind the scenes turmoil that has nothing to do with her job performance.

Both Hannity and Greta Van Susteren were already slipping in the ratings when they were demoted to make room for Megyn Kelly.

What is the he said? I only see the she said.

Hannity kept saying that his sources said charges were imminent against Clinton. I can’t believe him now. Even if he didn’t lie, he can’t vet his sources!

This article claims that other Fox News employees are coming out about Ailes’ sexual harassment. Quite the shame because I honestly love Fox:

The article says:
Another Fox News employee, who likewise asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, said that Ailes told her she could only wear dresses on air.
I’m betting that was Megyn Kelly.:frowning:

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