Grey's Anatomy actor to do ad for gay rights group

Isaiah Washington, an actor on the tv program Grey’s Anatomy, has agreed to do an ad for a gay rights group. Washington allegedly uttered a gay slur on the set of his tv show and then subsequently issued an apology and went to counseling as a consequence for his action. Now he’s doing the ad. I agree that his slur was hurtful and he shouldn’t have said it but I think it’s a bit much that he now is being “forced” to do an ad for a gay rights group. I believe that he should instead do a tv spot on the general topic of hurtful language and labels without necessarily having ties to GLAAD, a group that blatently promotes the normalization of homosexuality and homosexual relationships. What do others think?

Yeah, this is going a little too far. He should have apologized and left it at that.

He should have definitely apologized.
But the going to therapy??? That’s a form of
brainwashing into “Liberal” “values” (sic).

And he should definitely not be doing PR for the
Gay Rights Industry.

The link no longer goes to the news story. :frowning:

This is not a story I’ve paid attention to, but it seems to me that if you do something wrong then you will want to atone for it. If the ad was his idea (or the idea of his publicist or agent) then I’d say it is perfectly acceptable.

I’m curious. Why would you say that therapy is a form of brainwashing into “Liberal” “values” ?. Also, why shouldn’t he do PR work for Gay Rights? I thought the Church’s only restriction on gay folks was that they not have gay sex. Please enlighten me.


Because someone who uses hurtful language might need ettiquette lessons or even anger management but not therapy.

GLADD isn’t just about protecting homosexuals from violence or assault. They also advocate “gay” marriages, adoption by parents both of the same gender and indoctrination of our school children into acceptance of deviant lifestyles. Those are all activities which go against Church teaching.

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