Grid X-11, Power Blackout


I went to my cousin’s wedding today. And the mother in law of another cousin told me that she heard on the news about a blackout on Nov. 13-14 of this year, meaning this week. There’s videos on YouTube (Yes I know YouTube videos can be uploaded and made by everyone) but theirs videos were main news network are talking about. Have you heard about it, what do you think?


It is good that the authorities are thinking about this. From what I understand, North Korea could potentially launch an EMP attack against our electrical grid at some point in the future if they did not feel that bombing us with a nuke would be possible. If I understand correctly, they would only have to detonate the nuke in the air and it would take out a huge part of our electrical grid. If I understand correctly, it would be absolutely devastating.

That said, here is an interesting article from National Geographic about four threats to our electrical grid:

According to the article, a solar flare could also cause serious damage to the electrical grid, perhaps even more serious than that which an EMP could deliver.


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