Grief and Dying

Is anyone here familiar with Deanna Edwards? She is an LDS singer/composer who has used music in her work to help those who are dying and those stuggling with grief after the death of a loved one. Her book and music were very helpful when my sister and father died within a short time of each other.

I bring this up because I know that at one time she worked very closely with the Franciscans and also appeared on “Christopher Closeup” where she sang “Take My Hand”.

Anyway my mother is now terminally ill and I sit with her two days each week and have found Sis. Edwards work comforting. I also admire everyone who works with her for their willingness to cooperate in this worthy endeavor despite their religious differences.

She also wrote a song called “Teach Me to Die”. I believe the Catholic Church’s beloved Pope John Paul II was definitely a great teacher of how to face death with faith and dignity.

Dear Searcher,

I know how difficult it is to watch someone you love suffer and die. I have been through this a number of times. I have seen realtives who accept death beautifully, much like our late Pope. My father was my role model for dying peacefully. It does not matter what how often you have had the honor of being with one you love at this difficult time, each is as if it were the first . Your mom is fortunate to have you at her side. I shall keep you and her in my prayers.

I have not heard of the lady you wrote about. I’m sure her work is appreciated by many.

God bless,

Mom of 5

Dear Searcher,
Look for the book called “The Birth We Call Death” written by Paul H. Dunn and Richard M. Eyre.
It has been very comforting and reassuring to me when my 10 month old Granddaughter was taken suddenly, and the death of my 40 year old daughter-in-law from cancer. I have given it to many persons facing or having just experienced the death of a loved one. I know it would help you and your mother.
God Bless you and my prayers and thoughts are with you,

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