Grim Reaper Saint?

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A different post from the same rehashed stuff. I like to buy candles with pictures of the Saints as it does help me in my prayer and it also helps me learn of the saints in the Church. Surprisingly I came across a Saint who looked like the grim reaper. What saint is this? I have never seen such a candle or saint in my life. If you can believe it, I came across the candle at a local grocery store next to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Jude candles. This one stood out because it did not depict a human looking Saint or the Holy Trinity. Does anyone know who this saint is? Thanks!

Yes, it literally is ‘Saint Death’. However, it is NOT approved by the Church. Stay far away from that stuff. It’s basically a cult in Mexico. They pray to this ‘saint’ for protection or something. It’s not approved by the Church. Stay away from it.

That is probably the sacrilegious, voodooish figure Santa Muerte, which is popular among Mexican drug gangs and other poorly-catechized syncretistic Mexicans. Time Magazine article here.

Thank you for the information especially the article. The lady at the very end of the article is most saddening. A saint being jealous of other saints can only mean it is satan himself they are worshiping. After all, isn’t the angel of death the devil himself?

Oh, I know who you’re talking about. :frowning: She’s not a Catholic saint. Her name is “Santa Muerte” (Saint Death in English). Believed to be the patron “saint” of drug traffickers. Although Santa Muerte is mostly venerated in Mexico, the Catholic Church in Mexico condemns the cult of Santa Muerte.

“Santa Muerte” is mostly a Voodoo/Santeria figure. Both Santeria and Voodoo worship African gods and goddesses but dress them up as Catholic Saints this happened because they wanted to preserve their faith when the Spaniards wanted to convert them to our Religion (Catholicism).

In defense of apostolic tradition, where would we be without it when things like this arise, and it becomes really popular and people start to believe it? Where would we be without our Pope there to say to everyone that “No, this isn’t a Catholic belief” ? Could this say something about what people read about other thing so-called Catholic, such as what they say about the Inquisition, or Crusades, etc. ?

From CWN:

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture, has denounced the Mexican cult of Santa Muerte as “a blasphemy against religion.”

Santa Muerte (“Saint Death”), typically pictured as a grotesque skeleton, is frequently invoked in regions where drug trafficking is prevalent. The cult is “a degeneration of religion,” Cardinal Ravasi told an audience in Mexico City. “Religion celebrates life, but here you have death,” he said.
In case there is any question (not that there should be)

Christ said of Satan that he was a murder from the beginning. Death came into the world according to the Bible after the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. What maybe was a painless transition and natural after the Fall became horrific and terrifying after losing the good graces of God.

     This  St. Death cult  that the fallen use to find protection in the illegal drug trade that destroys so many lives today, directly & indirectly, is a form of Satanism that promotes the kingdom of  Hell.

     We should all include in Mass & prayer intentions   asking  Jesus  to send  graces of reconcillation  to those trapped in this dangerous cult.

RUN!!! I was once a fervent devotee of La Santa Muerte in Mexico she is held in high regard by many not just drug dealers innocent every day people are falling into her web of lies I have her image tattooed on my back from those days of darkness she is a demon never ever use her candles or pray to her her prayers are laced with catholic prayers such as the our father so dont be fooled

Why would people want to devote themselves anything that resembles the Grim Reaper, anyway? I mean, I’ve seen people devoting or worshipping all types of stuff, but come on! :shrug:

Well, according to her devotees. She’s accepting of the people they say the Catholic Church “turns away” (i.e prostitutes, inmates, homosexuals etc.)

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