Grocholewski: Catholic school enrollments are on the rise

*The number of Catholic schools in the world rose by more than six thousand in the period between 2008 and 2011 and pupil numbers have grown by almost three million. But only in Africa, Asia and Oceania has there been an increase in the number of pupils attending Catholic schools. In Europe and the Americas numbers have dropped. …

Catholic school curricula must therefore reinforce Catholic identity. The problem today, is that there are global currents, in the European Union too, which are trying to impose a gender ideology. Grocholewski pointed out that the World Health Organisation wants four-year old children to be taught how to masturbate by having gay sex images shown to them. …

According to Grocholewski, Catholic schools that allow themselves to be influenced by such currents are harmful and when something is sick the solution is either to kill or to heal it. *Full story at Vatican Insider

They need to drop costs by hiring religious (ie, “free”) teachers.

Having said that, all the Catholic schools in my area have pretty long waiting lists.

Our local Catholic schools are doing well in suburban Northern Virginia. My Catholic grade school in Northeastern Ohio closed a few years ago, although my old Catholic High School (Lake Catholic HS) is still doing well. Maybe there is some hope for a Catholic school revival in America.

It all depends on where you live if your Catholic Schools are growing or shrinking. I know the suburban schools are doing very well here in the Twin Cities. Meanwhile, when i was in grade school we had 9 Catholic grade schools and a high school in the northern part of St Paul. Today (20 years later) we have 2 and no high school. And now the first ring suburban schools are declining in numbers.

What’s always been sad to me is the lack of investment in these inner city schools. There are so many wealthy, suburban parishes, some with schools, some without. Meanwhile poorer inner city schools are forced to close their doors due to lack of money and enrollment. I always felt if promotion of Catholic Schools was a more unified effort by the diocese, we might still have a Catholic option on the Eastside of St Paul.

Catholic homeschooling went up like 2000% in New York after common core was implemented.

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