Groin injury and fertility?


I suffered a really hard injury directly to my groin area a few years ago, and I wonder if this can be a factor in our not having any more children.

Could it be?


Go see a urologist and find out!


When my brother was a young lad, he fell walking on some hand rails, he hit his testicles, but he said he was ok trying to be the tough kid he was. Well, the pain did not subside, when the doctors took a look at it, it had infected pretty badly, so they had to remove the testicle. He only has one now, and he was able to make a baby with his wife. So, check yourself as soon as you can. This is your manhood in the line so don’t kid around waiting in yahoo answers. You are not going to be less of a man without a testicle, but without two then that could be very hard on you. So GO NOW!


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