Gronk’s party boat has sailed into a storm of debate


“The four-day party took place on Norwegian Cruise Line, where Gronkowski’s fans and attendees can take full advantage of Norwegian’s famed ‘Casinos at Sea.’ Photos from the booze-cruise show fans gambling at the on-board casino,” the filing read, according to ProFootballTalk. “The NFL specifically knew about the party cruise and its ties to gambling for more than seven months leading up to the event; yet the NFL took no action to either discipline Rob Gronkowski or prevent the event from taking place.”

In addition to Romo’s company using the cruise as more ammunition to fire holes in the league’s stance on gambling, Gronkowski’s antics as a partier have opened up a discussion about the scrutiny on athletes for their extracurricular activities.

“Gronk is living the party rockstar lifestyle and no one objects and I have a hard time believing that that would be so if it were a different position, if it were the quarterback position,” ESPN’s Dan LeBatard said on his radio show Monday. “Is it the greatness? Is it because of performance? Because there are plenty of guys in sports who perform and if they behave like a jerk or a partier off the field, we worry about them or we shake a finger at them parentally.”

I heard from a different story that Gronkowski had an IV so he could not become dehydrated from hard drinking. At least Gronk didn’t kill anyone* or deflate any balls. I had some tears streaming down my face while watching the 2016 Divisional Round and the AFC Conference Championship game when I thought about the fact that my favorite Patriot would never play football again. I really found it disheartening to so commercials with Gronkowski in them.

So what do people think about Gronk’s party cruise?

*(Although I initially said then that there was no evidence of premeditation in Odin Lloyd’s murder (after only listening to the closing arguments once and being highly sympathetic to Hernandez), I listened to some of the witness testimony and considered the arguments closer, and now believe that there was strong evidence of premeditation as I know have a better understanding of the circumstances of the case. I arrived at that, even though I really wanted to believe he was innocent. I still believe verdict was absurd in saying that murder of Odin Lloyd was characterized by “extreme atrocity or cruelty”. I need to listen to the trial in order to form an opinion about the double murder.


What are you claiming here, exactly?

It looks as though you are trying to link Rob Gronkowski to the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd that Aaron Hernandez was convicted of.


They are linked because they are on the same team. I cannot think of any of the Patriots without thinking of Aaron Hernandez. Think of Aaron makes me want to tear up. It is sad that Aaron cannot enjoy the freedom outside that Gronk can and he cannot play.

I thought the story of Gronkowski’s party boat would be interesting (which is not linked to any of Hernandez’s alleged criminal acts). People would talk of its inherent licentiousness and inebriation. Well, whatever happened on that boat, at least he didn’t kill someone.


Seems to me the gambling isn’t enforced in any area but their own sport. Thats where the vice becomes unacceptable do to the potential of game fixing. Pretty much historic also with all major sports and often where the athletes were wrongly implicated such as NCAA Basketball with Connie Hawkins and Roger Brown. Sports in and off itself isn’t a intrinsic evil but they could surely be a vehicle to enable the seven deadly sins. No-one denies this as its usually evident early on. Gambling is vice as is substance abuse and violence walks hand in hand with vice, its often more obvious with the contact sports because they are violent. How far evil escalates such as in the case with Hernandez is anyone’s guess and depends on court evidence etc…all debatable. As is the very idea of evil and the seven deadly sins. One might view drinking Budweiser and howling at the moon at a HS bon-fire as purely innocent, to me it is at minimum concerning and at most the start of cooperation with evil and for various reasons. Negative bonds are re-enforced along with the positive bonds of unity in order to win. They go hand in hand as does the alcohol then obviously the pain meds and further PEDs. Peer pressure is extreme and you could be being led my a negative role model.

The idea is to encourage emotional maturity at an early stage which as we see by the above examples doesn’t always work out, their are also very good role models as the good and bad are interactive in these realms.


Just another sad episode given to us courtesy of Roger Goodell, the NFL’s “its all good” commissioner.:rolleyes:

I’ve been a fan of the NFL since I was a kid, going back to the Pete Rozelle era. It was a great time to be a fan, as it was all about the game. The game was simple, fast and watchable, unlike the complicated mess we have today. Everything today from the rules to the replays, to the over-the-top nasty half time shows, to the players on-field antics and off field failures, the fantasy gambling, the incessant self-promotion, games being on almost everyday of the week with 3 on Sundays, it is these days a complete, unwatchable mess.

I know, I know, the NFL is the most popular sport you tell me. But it is peaking now, and there is only one way to go and that is down. Goodell’s hands off policy has let the players run rough shod over this great sport, as with Gronkowski’s booze/gambling cruise. He turns a blind eye to the on-line gambling and fantasy league non sense, which brings in quick easy dollars, but will eventually doom the league. People are getting fed up. We want our game back. We want players that respect the game, simplified rules, an end to the replays and other endless game stoppages, and an end to the third Sunday night and Thursday night games that nobody watches.

Yeah, I’m an older guy now and in a demographic that nobody cares about or markets to, but I don’t care, I know what good football is, and the Goodell brand is not it!:mad:

By-the-way, Goodell makes like $35 million dollars a year to look the other way when the stars like Gronkowski want to make a fool of the sport…:rolleyes:

Rant over…:slight_smile:


I hope your post isn’t real. The logic is very creative.

Gronkowski’s party cruise is non of my business. He has done nothing illegal. I suppose you must think that my employer should fire me because I bought a lottery ticket when the jackpot went over $1 Billion.

I suppose that you think Mitt Romney should be culpable for the problems at FIFA since Mitt Romney ran the Winter Olympics and we all know now that soccer is a Summer Olympic sport.

Do you think the Yankees should give back all of their World Series Trophies since Alex Rodriguez takes steroids? Should Derick Jeter be suspended for steroids since he shared a locker room with Arod? That makes sense since Gronk and Hernandez are/were Tight Ends, Jeter and Rodriguez are both Shortstops. Thus Jeter must be dirty.

Upon reflection, I was unable to reconcile your logic about the NFL, the Patriots, Gronkowski, and Hernandez

Gronkowski leads a lifestyle that I wouldn’t live, I guess I am not convinced that I should be casting the first stone. It probably has something to do with my life in a glass house. :slight_smile:


Upon reflection, I was unable to reconcile your logic


Many love to hear the dirty laundry. Many fans live for that, imo that is what has now become a big part of major league sports, further exploitation. And some of these guys like playing the bad guy. :shrug: And some are just really nasty people also. Its all part of the dog and pony show, look at Greg Hardy, great player for sure, but man oh man does it outweight the problems and baggage he brings?

Or what about Cam Newton and sticking a microphone in is face immediately after a super bowl loss and asking him how it felt to lose? Its pure exploitation that fans love.


I never implicated Gronk in anything due to Hernandez’s actions. Much of the my post just shows me sentiments on Hernandez. Hernandez brings up too many emotions in me. Instead, I made the remark that whatever Gronk did, he didn’t kill someone, as Hernandez was alleged and convicted to have done. And neither did he deflate balls. It was a remark that the Patriots are embroiled (coincidentally) in controversy, not that the organization or the position of tight end is necessarily associated with turpitude.

I said I cried when I saw Gronkowski in a commercial (this one) because he reminds me of Aaron Hernandez. Obviously some one such as Gronkowski would remind someone of Aaron Hernandez.

I never expressed any outrage towards the Patriots, but rather sorrow for Aaron Hernandez, despite Hernandez appearing guilty according to the evidence for a heinous crime.

A-Rod was a shortstop, was.


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