Groundbreaking new sperm sorting method could let parents chose sex of their

God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


I thought this was already a thing.

Sounds like it would have to involve in-vitro fertilization, which is already condemned by the Church.

That’s what the article implies, but I am sure in vitro isn’t necessary. I knew college class mates that had an unplanned pregnancy from heavy petting.

On of my brothers was quadriplegic. His wife achieved pregnancy not in vitro, but the sperm was mechanically removed from my brother and place mechanically into her.

I can imagine certain Asian cultures that prefer boys to girls really going for this. As if they didn’t already have demographic issues with their male female ratios drastically out of whack.

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I wouldn’t limit this to Asian culture.

And yet it still separates the unitive from the procreative aspects of the marital union. It’s the obverse of contraception. What do Catholic moral theologians say ?

I am not sure which part of my post to which you are responding. You might have to narrow it down.

I will be more specific so you know were I stand:

I am against the technology that allows sex selection.

In vitro fert is wrong because many eggs are fertilized then discarded.

My friends in college with the virgin birth aware of their state of their souls and I doubt their relationship with God was not restored with corrective action at the advise of a priest. (They are both Catholic, I assume they went to confession. I am not going to ask or judge the state of their souls.)

The situation with my brother is a little unique and on the face of looks like it violates church teaching. I think since his ability to perform sexually and the fact that no extra embryos were killed mitigated any irregularities in this procreation. I hope your not judging the status of my brother’s soul.

Certainly I am not judging your brother in any way. I was only wondering what the Church’s moral stance is with respect to separating the unitive and the procreative aspects of the marital act.

Unless there is some need medically I sure the church teach the act is not to be separated.

I doubt that there is a teaching on sex selection with this specific technology. To have consistent logic with other teaching I am sure it is safe to assume the church would not in any way support sex selection.

No exceptions. Procreation must take place in the marital act.

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So your judging the state of my brother’s soul?

Nope, just stating Church teaching.

(BTW, I missed part of your post and so needed to erase part of what I had written. Sorry about that.)

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The problem with a lot of people in the biosciences is they have absolutely no consideration for unintended consequences. If they are amused or marvelled by something, they push ahead with it. They just don’t care about the impacts. They say they do but their actions tell something else completely.


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