Groundbreaking Project Hopes To Bring The Dead ‘Back To Life’


Can you bring a person back from the dead? A groundbreaking trial has just got ethical approval to try and do just that.

A US biotechnology company has been given permission by health watchdogs to take 20 patients who have been declared clinically dead from brain injury and try to regenerate parts of their central nervous system.


As described, these people aren’t dead. Just one more bit of hype.



The use of “groundbreaking” in connection with “bringing the dead back to life” is a bit careless. Doesn’t it sound like something from a creepy old zombie or “living dead” movie? :bigyikes:




Never in a million years would I have noticed that on my own. :stuck_out_tongue:


As of yet, I haven’t brought anyone back from the dead. But Jesus did. :slight_smile:


If the subjects are truly dead (their souls have moved on) I think that no matter what they do to the corpse they will never be able to revive the person, they’ve already moved on to their eternal reward.

What value does a healthy body with no soul have? Spare parts?


They should also transplant the bird heads
to go along with the bird brained idea…


I’m sorry, but once this body stops working and my spirit is gone and it is with God, why would I want to come back? There is nothing down here that would lead me to want to spend eternity here. From all I have heard, heaven is a much better place.


One of my FB friends from high school posted this article earlier today, I would not be surprised if they try to do this, it seems they just try to do stuff without thinking about the possible results…I mean, what happens if they start playing around with the brain, and find a way to re-animate someone, but they only can function on the most basic level, hunt for food, and protect themselves…that could get out of hand quickly if they dont realize what they have created.

This could result in a literal ‘return of the living dead’ scenario, where the bodies go around attacking people and whose to say they cannot infect others…this is just a bad idea all around imo!

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