Groundhog Day: Phil Sees Shadow, Predicts 6 More Weeks of Winter

Groundhog Day: Phil Sees Shadow, Predicts 6 More Weeks of Winter

Feb. 2: Punxsutawney Phil is held in the air after being removed from his stump at Gobbler’s Knob on Groundhog Day.,2933,486491,00.html



That’s one fat groundhog!

6 more weeks of winter:winter: :bighanky:
Think I’ll go for a little drive and get me some groundhog for dinner:mad:

:extrahappy: :dancing: :clapping: :thankyou: :yyeess::whackadoo:

BTW: The mudgies down in the Clubhouse are thinking of Groundhog Stew for dinner tonight. :cool:

I’m working on it!! Do you have the beans ready?

I think GROG is working on those :bigyikes:

oh dear:eek:

cf. This related [post=4754176]news link[/post]. :smiley:


Re: Winter & groundhogs-We heard Minnesota’s had the coldest winter since 1900.Is that true?
By the way, we know folks that used to eat groundhog…:slight_smile:

I love winter! I love it so much that this is my winter car!!! I can get my daughter to school on days when they cancel it due to snow :rolleyes:

We’re still listening to that darn groundhog? meh

Heck, it’s going to take six weeks to melt what we already have.


It’s 6 more weeks until Spring (Equinox) anyway. I’ve never found this groundhog nonsense to work - what in the world is it based on? Why would a sunny day on February 2 have anything to do with the weather until March 21st?:confused:

The Groundhog Predictions

There is some dispute among the groundhogs.

On Monday morning, Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his hole in Pennsylvania and saw his shadow, meaning six more weeks of Winter.

A few hours later in Upshur County, French Creek Freddie came out of his hole at the West Virginia Wildlife Center and did not see his shadow. That means an early Spring.

Wildlife Aide Kenny Hall says Freddie makes solid predictions.

“He’s 100%,” Hall told MetroNews from Upshur County on Monday. “He came out. He looked around. He looked straight in the air and then just put his head down and looked at all the camera people.”

Hall says he’ll take an early Spring. “That’s great news.”

Parts of West Virginia were seeing light snow and light rain on Monday.

Heavier snow is in the forecast for some areas later this week.

the other groundhogs don’t count, the are just copycats, ur, copygroundhogs. Only our PA Phil, is the right one:thumbsup:

Gen.Beauregard Lee, the Georgia groundhog, predicted an early spring, too.:thumbsup:

do you remember a couple of years ago, I can’t remember which town it was in, but they reached in to get the poor groundhog out and he was dead:eek:

I agree totally!

What did that signify? How late was Spring that year?

I think it signified that they left the groundhog in his “hole” too long!!

Probably nothing good

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