Group asks Trump to apologize for saying 'Islam hates us'


Trump’s comment on Islam draws demands he apologize.


I have many reasons that I would never vote for Trump, but racism is NOT one of them. He is not a racist, just a realist on this issue.

I am NOT, definitely NOT a Trump fan, but I do defend his positions here when they come under attack(all the time).


The Dems should be thanking him for playing into Obama’s dichotomy (that Americans must either be constantly talking about the “religion of peace” or else be Islamophobic).


Well it certainly seems like they hate us, and there are verses in the quaran that instruct in ways that could be interpreted as hateful toward “infidels”. IDK about you, but I’m not sensing much love coming from that quarter toward me or people like me.


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Count me in on those who are cautious and weary but in no way, do I mean to be unfair to my fellow man and woman on earth.


I remember just after 911, journalists were asking the question of ‘why do they hate us’, and spokesman after spokesman for the religion of peace gave very detailed reasons for why.

I remember that because I was kind of waiting for one of the spokesmen to say something to the effect that they don’t hate us, but if someone gave that answer, it was not reported by the journalists doing the investigation.

Over the years, you discover a lot of Muslims and people from Islamic culture who really do appreciate and believe in the values of Western culture, and who don’t hate us, but embrace us. Hirsi Ali. Irshad Manji. …
Islam is not a monolith after all.

However, the die has already been cast from the way that journalists handled 911. They were all more than willing to report it from the leftist perspective of why the third world hates the West.

They did a very good job. People believe what they hear on the news, and Trump is only commenting on what is already common knowledge.


Well poll numbers are indicative, I think ~10% of the Muslims want to see our throats cut and are happy to do it, ~50% are down with the whole throat cutting business, ~40% are a willing to live and let live group. Variations among tribes and clans of course with the usual +3% disclaimer.


So demands the unindicted co-conspirators from 9/11.


Actually he didn’t sound much different than Sisi of Egypt who btw doesn’t book the muslim brotherhood either[like Obama does].

Egypt Sisi 2015- [Islamic] texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the centuries” are “antagonizing the entire world”; that it is not “possible that 1.6 billion people [reference to the world’s Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live”

Whats the issue as Trump stated and Obama avoids in butt kiss of the MB the conversation is one of the same. :shrug:

Oh would in contrast rather listen to the muslim brotherhood and IslamOphobia of our lost muslim sympathizer President, and look what he’s done for world peace. :rolleyes:


swift condemnation from the Council on American-Islamic Relations,

Muslim Brotherhood affiliated!! Is it any secret? I think theres a bill in congress to recognize the MB as a terrorist group and its exactly the issue Sisi had in Egypt which oddly Obama has balked on much to the dismay of most of America and rational muslims in the M-E seeking real peace. Whats Obamas reasoning for this. Does anyone know?


Well in all fairness he didn’t say all Muslims hate us only Islam.


While the statement, like most from leaders, could use some nuance, it is far closer to the truth then what almost anyone else is saying. It is certainly more true then the ridiculous claim by the last Republican president that they hate us for our freedom.


It’s not exactly inaccurate. :shrug:


Well what is exactly not accurate is Obamas loony tune take on islam which mimics the muslim brotherhood. Terrible he created this awkward situation for America and good muslims. Basically he chooses to keep good muslims oppressed while swinging open the door for all radicals while refusing like a dictator to discuss anything. :slight_smile: Very troubling fellow. Sad for the good muslims too who are scared to death.


And creators of ISIS.


Has he ever apologized for anything?


Much of Islam would have to go “heretical” not to have a warlike attitude toward “infidels”. It does not seem to me it has gotten there.


I don’t know. Maybe one Donald Trump would like to apologize for some things but the other Donald Trump doesn’t let him.

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