Group files suit over 'I Believe' plates in SC

COLUMBIA, S.C. - A group that advocates separation of church and state filed a federal lawsuit Thursday to prevent South Carolina from becoming the first state to create “I Believe” license plates.

The group contends that South Carolina’s government is endorsing Christianity by allowing the plates, which would include a cross superimposed on a stained glass window.

I find this to be very sad. :frowning: Let us pray that this group does not succeed in its federal lawsuit. :signofcross: :gopray2:

If they truly believed in separation of church and state, they’d tell the courts to stop forcing Catholic hospitals and adoption agencies to compromise Catholic values and beliefs.

Problem is they want to keep the Church out of the state, but want the state in the Church’s business.

I totally agree. They want the Church out of the state’s business but they want the state in the Church’s business. It’s quite hypocritical really.

I heard about this a couple of weeks ago on the radio. I think they said the license tag “In God We Trust” was the most popular custom plate ever over 300,000 sold and the “Believe in Reason” the Atheist plate had sold less than 200.

Holly, have you heard this? Anyway these are sad people who would fight against proclaiming God.

I had not heard how many of the Atheist plates had sold or how many the In God We Trust Plates had sold. Thank you for this information! :thumbsup:

Atheist tombstone: All dressed up and now place to go.

Interesting quote. I have heard it before. :slight_smile: Thing is, there are places to go for Atheists: Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. I won’t say which place they are most likely to go to.

Yep but by the time they find out the truth it’s probably too late.:o

They don’t think they have any place to go…!

Yes, unfortunately that is true. :frowning: My Grandpa is an Atheist. :frowning:

I will pray for your grandpop…

This plate is not a simple “In God We Trust” which endorses no specific religion, but a specifically Christian plate with a cross. The other state was smart enough to pick a plate that could work for all of the monotheistic religions plus it is an official motto.

SC did not provide alternatives to all other specific groups with different beliefs so now they are going to waste the taxpayers dollars defending a lawsuit that should have never occurred. They knew that they were not going to make a Star of David plate, an Islamic plate, a Wiccan plate, a Satanist plate . . . so SC brought this stupidity upon themselves for no good reason.

Everyone is already free to proclaim their specific beliefs on their car using bumper stickers, license plate holders, stick on decals, stick-on fishes and crosses and many other things not sponsored by the government and not likely to cost taxpayers money for no good reason. I don’t usually agree with the whiners who think that everything is state endorsement of a religion that violates the Constitution, but in this case I think the critics of SC have a valid Constitutional argument.

As jc-serveant said…this is not a question of freedom of religion. I’m reminded of the quote regarding South Carolina before the Civil War…Too small for a nation, too large for an insane asylum.


Design suggestion: Drop the cross and leave the stained glass window. It’s now sufficiently oblique to pass. It doesn’t say overtly what your belief is, but people will get the hint.


I think the design is ugly, and should be re-done, but I don’t see anything wrong with an explicitly Christian plate so long as other religions are allowed to do the same.

It sounds as if any group can design a plate so long as they put $4000 down. I don’t think that is too much of a burden. I’d enjoy seeing plates from different religions - it would be fun.

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