Group Rebukes Canadian Gvmt for Pushing Homosexuality in Romania

Group Rebukes Canadian Gvmt for Pushing Homosexuality in Romania


By Patrick B. Craine

OTTAWA, Ontario, June 23, 2010 ( – A Canadian national pro-family group is taking their government to task after Canada’s ambassador to Romania, Philippe Beaulne, officially backed the country’s week-long “gay pride” event in the capital last month.

"Canada should shut its mouth about the internal affairs of other countries,” said Gwen Landolt, national vice president of REAL Women Canada.

Cecilia Forsyth, the group’s national president, wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper two weeks ago objecting to Canada’s “interference in the democratic process and domestic policies” of Romania by signing a joint statement supporting the annual “Gayfest” in Bucharest.

“The Canadian government has distanced itself from pride festivals in Canada by refusing to fund them, as many Canadians find gay pride displays objectionable and anti-family,” she wrote on June 10. “Why then has the Canadian embassy in Romania interfered in the domestic and cultural affairs of Romania, apparently contrary to the views of religious and other organizations in that country?”

Landolt informed LifeSiteNews (LSN) that the Prime Minister’s office responded to the letter Tuesday, saying they had passed it on to Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs. REAL Women still awaits Minister Cannon’s reply.

The May 20 statement was signed by embassies representing 11 countries. “We express our support for, and solidarity with, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Romania,” they wrote, calling “Gayfest” a “traditional occasion.”

What hypocracy,the Conservative government has a policy of not funding Gay and Lesbian "Pride"events in the country of Canada itself yet these twerps who run our embassies hand money to foreigners to encourage the same thing abroad that we discourage at home.

Heads must roll.The last government minister who did that in Canada was handed her head publicly by Stephen Harper our PM.

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