Group touts 4,000 abortions in 1 year with Clinton's support

Published: September 26, 2014

The Washington Examiner reports Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s international foundation, in the spotlight this month for hosting the annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York, back two groups that operate a massive international abortion business, including one that heralded its 4,000 abortions in a 2013 annual report.

Clinton Foundation documents show that it supports two groups that provide abortion services and supplies in Africa, India and Asia — Pathfinder International and Population Services International.

The foundation, which publicly focuses on help for AIDS in Africa, climate change and support for girls, is being scrutinized as Hillary Clinton readies a likely 2016 presidential bid. Its support of abortion providers is one of the areas the former secretary of State’s critics is looking into. (Source)

See Washington Examiner article:
Group touts 4,000 abortions in 1 year with Clinton’s support

Church teaching on subject:
Humanae Vitae
Evangelium Vitae

4000! So sad.:mad:

One more reason not to vote for her, that is unless it really doesn’t matter ( sarcasm off)

At this point, it matters.

And yet I talked to some catholic friends who plan to vote for her unless the Republicans can come up with a more “non-partisan candidate”:frowning:

Can anyone conjure up a single reason TO vote for this failed, duplicitous public figure? It’s hard to imagine who celebrates human butchery more, Hillary or Obama. :blush:

I thought that candidates were exposed to be ‘partisan’. :confused: Most of them belong to a party. :slight_smile:

The only reason I could see would be if there was worse running against her.

I do not think this likely.

Praying to St. Michael the Archangel.

And to think that there are catholics on this forum (and elsewhere) who support her enthusiastically. Then again, why should I be surprised.


The problem is that there are no serious candidates who can compete in the election in terms of political experience or expertise. The GOP has become a sort of disreputable circus, entertaining to watch but discredited and ineffective, being strangled by Tea-Party infighting. It’s tempting to blame polarized media like Fox for feeding the fire, but I think the truth is harder to bear: the problem is not that the party and its candidates are misrepresented in the media, but that they are accurately represented in the media.

Give me a candidate worth voting for, and I will vote for him or her against Hillary.

The Nation?? :ehh: Seriously? Why, 1NewCatholic, thanks for the great recommendation to the GOP! :thumbsup: Maybe next time, we could get an article from the Kremlin!

And the daily KOS?? Seriously, what are we having here? A list of people who support infanticide? Black children being five times more likely to be aborted than white children? Is this what is being pushed here? Abortion politics??

The issue that matters to me, is not Republican or Democratic but what side defends life and a number of abortion clinics have been closed thanks to legislation and that is in part what the topic is here. Being for life is being Catholic.

Also, let me say, we should be open-minded via sources cited, I firmly believe that, daily kos has some very profane postings there but the worse thing here is that Daily Kos and the Nation are undoubtedly strong pro-choicers or pro-abortion supporters, however one wants to word it, are probably strong supporters of Planned Parenthood who has about 80+% of all of their clinics in ethnic neighborhoods, so this is rather disagreeable.

And using these sources to criticize those who might be against abortion??

Only Repbulicans are supposed to be non-partisan. Democrats can be complete and total ideologues (like Obama) and it’s all good. :thumbsup:

If you had a hard time understanding the articles send me a PM and I’ll help you clear it up.

If you had a hard time processing the information in the articles because the authors have different opinions than you do, I can’t help you.

Hillary Clinton has the morals and worldview of a serial killer. Same with her husband. I honestly do see them both as quite evil, and I say that not because of this issue alone. These Masters of War are just beneath contempt. Is it even possible to be a world leader and not be pure evil? I’m being entirely serious when I ask this question, by the way.

As I see it, Catholics are nowhere near judgmental enough of America’s leaders. It’s a terrible mistake to think that this is somehow wrong or unChristian. Precisely the opposite! We need to be wise as serpents, and that involves seeing our world through clear eyes and stating the plain truth with clarity and lucidity. Christ’s admonition to not judge others doesn’t apply to our murderous, corrupt leaders; I believe his admonition only applies to human beings, and I personally don’t place these beasts in that category. These creatures hunger for power the way vampires hunger for blood, and they should be denounced loudly and in no uncertain terms.


Too often discernment is confused for judgmental action.

There is nothing wrong with holding politicians to the highest moral standard.
And there is certainly nothing wrong with voting them out should they not live up to them.


Love how the author of this article classifies Pathfinder simply as an “abortion provider” while neglecting to mention the fact that less than 1% of its funding is used for abortion services. Also falsely implying that the organization was being praised for those services.

So how much support for abortion is too much?

Is murder OK if we are only 1% responsible for it?

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