Groups fight abortion for 11-year-old Romanian Girl

This is awful. Please pray that for the girl and her unborn 20 week old child. :gopray2:

The girl should not be forced, however, I think rape is excusable for abortion, if I remember the Church’s teaching correctly.

no, its not excusable for any reason. You remember incorrectly.

sad situation…prayers for the young girl and her unborn child.

You are incorrect; the church’s teaching is that rape or incest is never a reason to murder a child.

It’s not the Catholic Churches teaching, but, according to the article, it’s apparently the teaching of the Romanian Orthodox Church. :frowning: . Another one bites the dust. Soon it’ll just be Catholics and Muslims alone fighting abortion.

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:mad: Imagine reaching the age of self-awareness and realizing you let your own child be killed.:frowning: Imagine being 21 and just married and learning you’re infertile due to scars from an abortion.
The poor girl. What’s already happened is bad enough.

Imagine being 11 and pregnant.

Getting an abortion will not make the trauma go away, it will only add greater trauma because she will be killing an innocent child.

Islam allows abortion in some cases, too.

and being forced to have a child doesn’t? I don’t think this girl should get an abortion, but she is just a child who has been through hell. What is going to happen if she gives birth. A 12 year is old is going to be a mommy or do they have adoption options? This is soooo sad.

There are ALWAYS “adoption options”! I know at least 2 U.S. couples who have adopted children from Romanian orphanages. If no one in Romania wants the child, plenty of couples in the U.S. do! Why is it always painted as a question of “abortion or “forced” parenthood”?! It’s not! No one has to raise a child they don’t want, we’re just asking that you don’t kill it! And 20 weeks! The girl can feel the baby moving at that point, all organs are developed, there’s no question it’s a child (one NOT responsible for the crime of his father, btw), and not a “blob of tissue” at that point. Plus, abortion at that stage is especially dangerous. The girl could suffer permanant physical injury, on top of the psychological effects.

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According to the people who join the group “Rachel’s Vineyard”, it would have been much less traumatic to have gone the 9 months and given birth. They have been through abortion trauma and I think their voices deserve to be heard by people like you, who think abortion erases the problems with unwanted pregnancies.

This child will have this mark on her heart for the rest of her life. The rape and pregnancy happened and that fact won’t be erased, even with an abortion. The abortion will add only one more trauma, that of having her baby killed. Choosing life instead of death in the aftermath of this tragedy is the greatest choice her parents could have made for her. I don’t know why you think abortion will erase any of her pain. And, obviously, the baby could be given up for adoption. I’m sure many Christians from around the globe would have jumped at the chance to raise her baby.

I didn’t say abortion was going to erase her pain. Please do not put words in to my mouth. What I was trying to say is:if she has the (incest) baby she will be traumatized. If she gets a abortion, she will be traumatized. In either case, she will be traumatized.

The moral choice is obvious. Making a moral choice to allow the baby to live is life-affirming and, certainly, a more positive response to trauma.

No one should be forced to have a child. To force this girl to give birth is to rape her twice, IMO. It may be virtuous for a rape victim to give birth, but it is not virtuous for others to force a rape victim to sustain a violation of her body. It would be the same as if someone were to be kidnapped, tied down, and forced to be artificially impregnated. There would be no “rape” since there would be no sexual intercourse, but it would still be wrong and such a person, I’m sure you would be inclined to agree, should not be forced to continue that pregnancy, to sustain that violation (and if it is not a violation, then you are saying the initial pregnancy was not a violation either, but only the forced artificial impregnation, a distinction that does not seem meaningful or tenable)

An argument can be made for the pro-life position that a woman should be responsible for her actions. But here the person was clearly not responsible for her actions. She was raped and so she is not responsible for her pregnancy’s coming into being nor can be held accountable for it.

Imagine being raped by your uncle at age 11, and risking your life to bear his child. Imagine having a child who is only 11 years your junior, and not getting any assistance from his father. Imagine being the center of international controversy because of all of this. This poor child has no chance at all. I hope they find the uncle and put him away forever.

And I hope that everyone who is not directly involved in this situation butts out and leaves the girl and her family in peace, whatever their decision.

One evil does not excuse another. By making her have an abortion, the child, who was previously innocent, would now be party to a crime.

So, she would have been raped, and now have to deal with the sin of abortion on top of that.

I wonder if those who are so keen to condone abortion would be prepared to wield the knife or syringe themselves?

That’s the test: you kill it, and live with the spiritual consequences.

They could take turns. Join a Local Aborters List:* “Can you come on Tuesday, 3.30pm, Ms. Leeber, we’ve got a young 16 year old girl whose 20-week-old foetus we need you to kill? For her own good, of course”.*

It’s not killing. The foetus is not born; it is a part of the mother’s body. In this case, it is an unwanted intruder in an eleven year old girl.

Wow, you just did a wonderful job at cheapening human life. Have you ever considered working for a dictator?

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