Grow in faith with facebook!

Hello my name is Kristina Ramirez and I am a devout Catholic, absolutely love the faith. My husband, siblings and all their spouses have been converted to Catholicism by my dying Father, who has since passed. I am so grateful for the gift he bestowed upon my family and am thankful for having received a whole new “Family” also. I have also created a Facebook page to help other Catholics grow stronger in their faith. I am trying to build it up so the Word can spread like wild fire. I believe Unitedly Catholics can stop anything! God bless you all and thank you for allowing me to be part of this forum! Like the page to receive full benefits!!!

I like the page. I tried to challenge the claim but the wild ex catholic turned “no denomination” christian against the faith. Please feel free to add to or correct what I said to properly refute his absurd claims against the Church and God.

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