Growing as a Catholic

Any tips for a new Catholic on how to remain a faithful Catholic and grow in love for our Lord but not get in over my head?


Take it easy!! There so many special catholic devotions but don’t feel like you need to take them all up. You can switch around trying different things! (the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, novenas, etc.)

Reading some nice spiritual books is helpful (Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Jean Jacques Phillipe is wonderful)

Try to find a community of Catholics. I find that the best thing to help me grow


For me, I simply start my day with honesty to God.

“God, You know my heart. I love You, but I am a sinner. Help me today. Because I’m not in the mood to pray. But I will start my day acknowledging You are God, and I need You.”

Its simple, but it helps keep things in perspective. And with that simple prayer, through time I have gotten closer to the Lord. Much more work needs to be done on my part, but something unique to you would probably help out.

God knows your heart. Give it to Him in honesty. Don’t delve too deep if you feel it isn’t honest. But certainly don’t do anything without acknowledging His glory. :slight_smile:
Just my advice. I hope it helps.


Go to Mass on Sundays. Receive the sacraments frequently. Read the daily readings to get a feel for the Liturgical Year. Become familiar with the Catechism.

Like @MeganCecilia said, one of the great things about being Catholic is that there are so many different devotions and spiritualities to help you grow.


How do you get familiar with the catechism? It’s not exactly a book you can just pick up and read

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The Catechism is broken down into different sections. It goes through the Apostles Creed, the Our Father, and the Ten Commandments. There is a section on prayer, which may be helpful for you. The section on the Our Father is very easy to get through.

It looks like a long book, but reads really quickly since it’s broken down into so many small paragraphs.

Find ways to live out your faith, both in the parish and in the community. Get involved in a parish activity like liturgical ministries, religious education, a prayer group, social jusktice ministries, etc. Get involved in the community in ways that support the corporal works of mercy. Feeding the hungry, adult literacy programs, etc. Keep your faith alive and active.

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I would suggest reading The Imitation of Christ. It changed my life.

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I would recommend the Baltimore Catechism. It’s a simple, CLEAR, straightforward, and reasonably comprehensive presentation of the Catholic faith. Well written for someone young, or just new to it.

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Frequent Mass, Communion, Adoration at least once a week, Confession, and maybe 20 minutes of daily Catholic prayer of your choice.

You can just read the stuff that interests you. There’s such a mountain of stuff out there to read it would take us a few hundred years to absorb it all.

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