Growing Bible App Sales Hint at Shifting iPad Demographics

Hey, hold it! The iPhone is for, like kewl stuff!

from The Atlantic:

Here’s an iPad metric that you might not be looking at: Bible app sales.
Monday, a Bible cracked the top 10 highest-grossing book applications for the iPad for the first time, according to Drew Haninger, CEO of the scripture app’s publisher, Olive Tree.
The theory of the case here is that if Bible applications continue creeping up the sales rankings, we can infer that the demographics of the iPad are broadening out from what we assume is an urban, liberal, fairly areligious base. [Duh!]

The rest of the top-selling book applications also suggest that the iPad isn’t solely being purchased by young guys with cash to burn. The paid app list is dominated by Toy Story and Dr. Seuss titles! Anecdotally, parents seem to love the iPad for the child pacification magic tricks it can perform. A study by the consumer research firm, MyType, found that parents were more likely than non-parents to own an iPad.

O the embarrassment!
People are using the wonders of high tech to study the Bible and amuse the kiddies.

I wonder when companies will realize how stupid they are to target the young or childless couples (“DINKs”) as their ideal demographic.

What? So you can’t be a young childless couple and have the Bible apps as some of your main apps? I beg to differ. My husband and I don’t have children and may never due to several reasons that God controls, not us. (Oh, and forgive my ignorance, but what in the world is a “DINK”?) My husband and I are young…29 & 32, and I have 3 different Bible apps on my iPhone in addition to almost all of the Catholic apps. The target is always going to be the younger generations for these. Companies are not stupid for targeting my generation. We are their biggest consumers. I hate to sound bad, but big tech companies will never MAINLY target the religious demographic for many reasons. One among those reasons is that many religious people distrust technology or think it is full of evil and don’t even get cable or satellite TV, and only watch one channel and their own purchased movies. Not that this is bad, but it is not the majority. Businesses such as Apple, Microsoft, & Google will always cater to the majority. That is the way business works. I’m sure someone will eventually say that I’m a horrible person because I don’t have kids, and that’s fine because that is between me & God, not me & whoever wants to judge me. I’m sure also that someone will say that I’m contributing to the evil in the world because I keep up with and purchase the latest technology, but again, not any of your business. I just get irritated when someone assumes things as I think you are doing in the above post.

I’ve got the RSV-CE (from Versewise) on my iTouch. It cost a fraction what I paid for my hardcopy bible and it’s a lot more portable.

Is it a good app? I have the Douay-Rheims, but haven’t gotten the RSV-CE yet.

I like it. It was only $5 (it’s the Ignatius bible) too. It remembers the last place you read in each book, and it’s fairly easy to navigate.

There is a very real possibility of getting the best Bible Study app on the iPhone/iPod (Mantis Bible Study) to make the **Ignatius Catholic Study Bible **(By Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch) available on their software. Its in the works but what we need now is for Catholics and/or Eastern Orthodox Christians to voice interest in possibly buying it if they were to make it available. I’ve spoken to both Ignatius Press and Mantis Bible Company and what we need is a display of interest (obviously they need to know that someone other than your’s truly is going to buy it.)

I’ve posted all the details on this thread in the “popular media” section of the CA Forums.
Or you can just head straight to the Mantis Website’s forums, read my recommendation and post a reply voicing interest (only if its genuine interest in possibly buying it if it comes available). That recommendation is here

Here are those URLs in case the links don’t work:

The details on the Catholic Answers Forums:

The recommendation on the Mantis Bible Study website:

Please consider taking the time to help with this.

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