Growing dissatsified with the forum


I have been a member of this forum since 2005 (hence, my current member name).

I must say that I have not been pleased the the forum since its redesign. I was not pleased with how the new format appears, graphically, on the screen, but have been trying to participate as I always have–responding to questions, etc.

I did not like that our old screen names did not carry over, and that we had to re-register. Most message boards that I frequent, even when a major overhaul was done, showed its history, how long we have been a member, how many posts, etc. Not this time.

Moreover, there seems to be an increase of scrupulous new members coming on and asking an interesting array of questions. There have always been such folks, and in the past, it was easy to be understanding about this. But lately, there seems to be a significant increase in such members, and their questions appear to be increasingly scrupulous, or in other cases, simply strange “I read this on the internet…” type postings.

It is getting increasingly difficult to abide this, and I fear that my 13 years on this board are coming to an end. Am I missing anything?


No, unless maybe the preponderance of all of us omniscient Internet theologians. I’m less familiar with the old forum so maybe they were there too.


A lot is wrong with the new forum, and it can’t be fixed. There are just too many members now, too many posts, too many threads, too few moderators, and the prevailing atmosphere is one of animosity toward anything that deviates from mainstream neo-con catholicism. My advice: lower your expectations a lot, with regard to what you’ll get out of this forum. That, or leave. At this stage you won’t lose much by choosing the latter option.

(But your point about old screen names and history not carrying over is not correct – at least not in general. Not sure why in your case it didn’t work, but I still have my old screen name, and all my old posts from the old forum are still accessible in my history.)


Yes, I had a problem at first because my old password was too short for the new platform, but the CAF webmaster was most helpful in getting it all sorted out, and so I was also able to carry over my original screenname and some of my old posts.

I was not happy with the format change at first either, but I have mostly gotten used to it now. As I get older, I am trying to stay flexible and not resist change so much.


Nothing you have stated cannot be corrected through prayers. I will pray for you. :pray::pray::pray::grinning:


OP, I too was able to continue use of my old username, but I understand that many people had trouble. You may want to contact a mod and see if you can get your old name if it matters to you.

My advice is to treat CAF like a brand new forum. Yes, it is different than the old one, but the more you post, the more you get used to it.

It does seem to me that there are more scrupulous posters here, but I think that may have to do with the lowering of the age to be here. :confused:


“an interesting array of questions.”

I’m new and I asked a stupid question last night! I do apologise for that and in fact I did and I asked a mod to close the thread but then one or two people were kind enough to indulge me and I think there was something of value to be learned. Because of that I asked the mod to,let it die a natural death even though my original question was embarrassingly stupid.

I personally don’t feel the need to become intolerant of anyone asking questions about sins and I’ve seen an answer whereby the questioner was directed to seek help from their priest, not really a problem for anyone. It could be that sometimes people are bear baiting and up to mischief but I wouldn’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water about it.

John 14:2“In my fathers house are many rooms…”


I still don’t like the redesign as well. I don’t like that the links from old threads don’t work. I also feel like there are a lot more malicious and uncharitable posters now, and they seem to go unchecked.

The general “feel” or attitude of the forum feels more antagonistic somehow. Before, I felt like any discussion was something that could be contributed to without too much fear of being attacked, but I now often find myself hesitating to post on a discussion that in the past I would happily join in on.

I will read a discussion, start typing a reply, and then just cancel it once I start thinking about the antagonistic replies.

I also don’t like that you can’t block or hide people like you could on the old forums.


A lot of information which helps in normal one to one conversation is obviously missing in the written word, inflection being one important enhancement to normal speech.

People these days have also become more impatient and perhaps more intolerant due to familiarity with the media.

We can actually become scrupulous about the words we choose to such a point that we dare not speak. I feel we should be brave often and say our piece if we think it’s important and hope that it is accepted in a charitable way. After all, I don’t remember who but someone said something like “all good men have to do to allow evil to prevail is to stand back and do nothing.”


Yes, every once in a while, I will post something that is quite at odds with what most people had been posting. But sometimes, we do need to say something and not let the majority rule. Sometimes, I will see people give likes to that kind of a post, or subsequent posts will offer the same advice. It is almost as if we must hold back from the truth for fear of people “killing the messenger.”


I’ve also noticed that some people are looking for a good old ding dong! They want to get stuck in and a lot of posters have sharp intellects, something I’ve never been burdened with I have to add. Maybe they’re bored but I think sometimes they also misunderstand what someone has said and take it too personally.


I think the presence of the Ask an Apologist section on the old forums made a difference in the number of scruple threads. Scrupulous people preferred to go straight to the source over just opening the conversation to everyone. They would either get an answer from a priest or apologist or be directed to previous ask an apologist threads on their specific topic. Those threads didnt rage on. They were answered and done.


This is my first time back to the forum since it was changed to athe new format. I’m trying to figure out if my old posts are still available and in general, how to use the new format. Any quick suggestions?


Jack, use the search feature and search for your old username. You may be able to see which of your posts transitioned over if any.


This Discourse platform (the new CAF) cannot handle a Catholic discussion forum effectively. That was apparent to a lot of members early on.

On it’s current course, CAF is going to become more like a fundamentalist Christian version of Twitter. There are several features, or lack of, in the Discourse platform that are facilitating that, and nothing has been done about it. It’s not bad enough yet for me to not come here, but I can see where it’s going, so I’m cautiously pessimistic.


The lack of an ability to block posters is particularly annoying. I constantly have to be flagging people to the mods over behaviors that in the past I would have dealt with just by hitting block button and having done with it. I’m thinking in particular of the numerous posters who take every disagreement as some kind of personal attack and/or just can’t seem to let an argument go.

I’m not sure where else one can go to discuss Catholic issues in a normal way. I checked out a couple of other forums. One I couldn’t even get admitted to, another one was so full of the personal marital, sexual and interpersonal business of the forum owner and a lot of other forum people, it was like a soap opera and I wouldn’t want to post there. So I’m stuck with this place despite having a number of dissatisfactions of my own, which are pretty much ignored, dismissed or deleted so there’s no point in bothering.


According to a search engine there are over a billion Catholics in the world. It reminds me of that film “of all the bars in all the world you had to walk into mine.”


Amen, I can’t figure anything out. I can’t figure out how to post a new topic. I can’t see the news and one other thing. I feel like I have been banned. Anyway very messed up.


I can help with ‘post new topic’
If you go to new topics on the menu and click it, or just look at the new topics list if that’s what you have in front of you there is a blue circle with a + in the middle of it, press this.
Anything else and you could ask a mod to help you by looking in the menu and clicking on ‘about’


I don’t know about scrupulous, but there are a lot of hit and run posters with very similar writing styles, bad grammar and all.
As far as the rest of the forums–just a diversion, really. Entertainment. Like the news coming out about Scandal! Scandal! Who cares? It’s kickoff time!

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