Growing Fast

When you do a google search on “the fastest growing Christian denomination” you will learn the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the fastest growing. Why is that? What draws people to the LDS faith over any other?

Are the other Christian faiths lacking in evangelizing to others? Could we learn something from the LDS faith?

It’s growing fast because of it’s relatively small numbers, just like the Jehovah’s Witnesses. If a church with just 5 million followers grows by 1 million followers in ten years, that’s a 20% growth rate! By comparison, the Catholic Church would have to add like 200 million followers in the same time period to get the same growth rate. It’s important to know if these are just regional figures, in which case they might have a bit more meaning. It would also be important to know the actual number of followers as well.

When you already have a billion people in your denomination, you’re simply not going to grow quite as fast because you’ve expanded to so many places already.

Yeah…their recruiting techniques. Marketing is everything.

So I ordered a movie off a commercial and had no clue it was a lds commercial. It was not delivered by fedex but rather two lds missionaries. Ya gotta admit that is good marketing lol

Don’t put too much stock in it.

They over reported their membership in Brazil by over 1 million.

If they did it in one country, how many others have been over reported?

Also, you have to look at the actual numbers joining. When there is a smaller membership, it takes less people to show a larger percentage.

5% of 10 million is 700,000
5% of 1 billion is 50,000,000

If Mormons increased their membership by 5%, it would be approx. 700,000 converts. If the Catholic church increased membership by 5%, it would be 50 million.

Perspective is everything.

they always over report…and they do not take into consideration all of the people who have gone inactive. They have one of the fastest growing inactive population as well, as people discover how false it is.

I agree. I am not knocking the lds folks but as Trinitarian Christians, are we doing our part to spread the Gospel enough? That is what I worry about.

You are a former Mormon right?

I bet they do not count those that have left either

yep…former very active Mormon…

Their retention #s suck in a big way…

But you wont hear about that…

I think if Christianity truly became “one” it would do more than any other form of evangelization we could think of! :thumbsup:


Right. Do they count the ones that have left? :shrug:

All those who have been baptised regardless if they are fallen away are counted until the age of 110 (yes 110) are counted if there is no record of their death…

Membership numbers are really misleading and skewed

I know from talking to a friend that is Mormon that they consider you always a Mormon even if you leave the LDS faith for another. He may be wrong which would just now make me wrong lol.

But if that is true then one would assume the numbers off a bit lol

Mormonism is so radicially different and not even close to creedal Christianity that it would be confusing for them and traditional Christians to be one…

Foundational doctrines are so radically different, being “one” is pretty much impossible

I do not believe he/she was talking about Mormons and Christians becoming one. :wink:

I was not considering Mormons to be Christians. I was asserting that within Christianity there is so much division that outsiders must look upon it as different religions to some degree. Evangelization then becomes, well…laughable to that same degree.


My bad. :slight_smile:

Since the OP’s post mentioned Mormons I jumped to conclusion. :o

Not a problem. Others may have had the same conclusion.


  1. Potential converts are only given “milk before meat”, by the time they get to the whacked out stuff they are already invested.
  2. Mormons are encouraged to have large families and to bring up thier children as Mormons.
  3. Most of the faithful mormons are never told about some of the contradictions and “mis-truths” in the church. The internet is leading more people out of LDS than anything else. It is now really easy for those who search to find out that there were 11, I think,
    versions of the first vision.
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