"Growing In Grace" This is too weird


This news report started off at an expected level of abnormality. A guy claims to be Jesus Christ and he leads a bunch of people and they love him. So far it’s nothing out of the ordinary, that sort of thing happens all the time, right??

But then it got really odd. This man started out Catholic, then roamed in various evangelical denominations. Then one night he discovered a new doctrine - That sin and Satan no longer exist and we are all saved. Then years later he was the Apostle Paul.

Then he must have realized he was Jesus Christ.

And then…he claims to be the antiChrist and has 666 tatooed on himself. ** And the people love it!!** Don’t worship the Jesus of Nazareth, worship the new Jesus Christ!!

Here’s the link, but I covered it fairly well.

Is the the sort of thing that the Apostles tried to warn us about??


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