Growing in holiness without knowing other Catholics?

I was baptized in March. I am 22m. I know one priest and we meet every three weeks for spiritual direction. He’s the only Catholic i know, I go to daily mass, I pray a daily rosary (or 3), and I go to Confession once a week.

Is my growth impeded by the fact I don’t know other Catholics.

I love the idea of meeting a devout Catholic girl and having devout friends, but I am painfully shy and in my life I have tended towards isolation.

Please throw up a Hail Mary for me for Catholic gf/friends

I will do, but sounds like there is a lot going on apart from that. Maybe work on just getting used to socialising with others your age (I’m assuming you’re quite young) and get used to being Catholic. Are there any Catholic youth groups at your parish ?

Having friends is important no matter if you’re Catholic or not. If they assist you and help you become a better Catholic than it’s even better. Try talking to someone. Out of smalltalk can grow a big friendship.

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An Our Father offered for God to send you a wife if that be His Will that you get married. A Hail Mary for you to find good friends.

Whilst I don’t know how large or small your parish is, if there’s only one priest or two, or what the age component of your parish is - perhaps you could approach Father about starting a Bible study group, a book reading group, where a passage is read, Father guides the meditation, then private time for prayer with God over this, and this time for discussion. It need only take an hour at max . Or if a book, then after a chapter has been read, meeting the following week to discuss. Again it need only be for an hour. I would hope Father would be able to find an hour once a fortnight to enable this to occur.

This would be one way of meeting other people, other Catholics. It could be advertised in the newsletter. At first no -one may turn up, or only 1 or 2 - but it’s a start. As they talk about it with their friends, hopefully more will become interested and also participate.

Just another suggestion.

Catholic friends would be nice. I’m a lifelong Catholic and have never had a single Catholic friend.


MOST definitely praying for you and welcome to the Catholic Church. Places like this online are good but ask your Priest when you talk to him again if he can give you suggestions of places to go, groups to join, things to do or anything else that would help.

Praying for you as well.

Same here! Would be extraordinarily nice!!

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