Growling in Anger

If I’m not mistaken, anger itself is never a sin. It’s what you do with your anger that can make it a sin or not. Obviously yelling at others would probably be a sin, as would breaking other people’s stuff. However, my question is not about anger directed at others.

My hairstyle combined with my hair type is a real PITA to comb. I’ve seen YouTube videos of people with the same style able to comb their hair in less than 10 minutes. However, for my hair it takes more like 10-20 on a good day. Because my hair is rather unruly, it can make me angry when it just doesn’t want to do what I want it to. Today I got rather mad at my hair and I yelled/growled at it.

I fail to see how this could possibly be a mortal sin. I did not intend to hurt anyone else. I just needed to let some of the anger out so I didn’t explode. :shrug:

Right. It’s not. Did you have a question?

Have you considered a different hairstyle?

There was no sin here, and there are just reasons to be angry. There are just reasons to yell in anger. Anger itself isn’t even always a bad thing.

I don’t think your hairs cares what you growl, shout or say to it!!

Melodeonist, really. You need to talk to someone. Talk to your priest about getting a spiritual director. You cannot and should not be going through your life questioning whether every little thing is a sin or not. The fact that you periodically post here asking if things are a sin or not shows that you are not understanding something. I don’t know if it wasn’t covered well enough in your recent RCIA class or what, but you really need to take steps to get this under control.

And, consider a different hairstyle as well. Ask at a barbershop for something less labor intensive. Like a military “high and tight.” :wink:

Ditto. Dreadlocks can look great & are low maintenance. Also, if you don’t want a new hairstyle, try different conditioners. I have very fine hair & it’s all over the place in our dry winter air if I don’t use a conditioner or coconut oil.

Have you ever watched Napoleon Dynamite? Pedro shaves his head & has to wear a wig. :wink:

Is it an imperfection to allow yourself to get overly frustrated with something ultimately rooted in a touch of vanity? Yes, I would think so. Is it SINFUL? I don’t know, probably venially so.

Why do you ask? Are you concerned whether or not this is grave matter?

Thanks for the replies! It was rather pointless posting this as I came to a somewhat uncertain conclusion.

I ask because I am rather clueless when it comes to sin. I should probably ask Father to be my spiritual director so I can ask him questions and so I can stop being so ignorant in regards to sin.

Get a haircut. Hair and concern over hair style and looks can be a real source of vanity and pride. Therein is the sin…the sin of pride and vanity; get a nice, presentable cut. Guess how long it takes to “style” my hair-LOL! Peace.

Serious anger can be a sin…but I think that’s when it’s directed at other people. Toward your hair? No. I’m a bit shocked that it takes you longer to do your hair than it does for me to do mine, as I’m a woman and based on your profile pic you appear to be a man. I’d probably go with something super short, wash and go, if I were you.

My hairstyle isn’t supposed to take that long to comb actually. I just am rather clueless at how to manage my strangely overly wavy hair.

Here’s a tutorial on my hairstyle from somebody who is much better than me. He manages to comb his hair in only 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Maybe I should get a flat-top… Much less frustration.

Amen. Finally.
Every week you have a benign situation and you wonder if it’s a sin.
I’m glad you finally realize that your life is going to be so much more enjoyable when you deal with scruples.
I think maybe you get too nervous in conversations with others. I know you were home schooled and spend a lot of time gaming, and online.
Try to get out more. Join a group that feeds the homeless in your parish, or join the choir with, or without your melodeon.
Time to get out more, besides fro school and work. And by all means, yes, DO ask Father for help.
Be frank with him, and try your best to stop posting for benign matters. It only makes it worse. While most of us think of you fondly, it’s always better to have real life friends.
God bless.

A good old fashioned barber can help you find the style that is most manageable for you.
And it may week mean wearing it much shorter.
Girls don’t care. What’s inside a man is what matters. :thumbsup:

You do not understand what Mortal Sin is. What a Mortal sin is knowing that doing something separates you from God, and although you realize that if you refuse to confess and rid yourself of the sin, you choose to continue in your sin knowing you are choosing your sin and desire over God.

Getting angry over your hair does not separate you from God so therefore it is not Mortal Sin,

I wonder why we’re so often unsatisfied with what we have? I’ve wanted curly - or even just wavy - hair most of my life. But it refuses to curl - my mother tried home perms back in the day & they looked awful. But I keep hearing people with curly or wavy hair complain about their hair. I’d be happy to trade. At least with overly curly hair one could use a hair relaxer. Nothing short of a wig would help my perfectly straight, thin hair.

That’s what perms are for. I have naturally straight thin hair. Everyone thinks I have naturally wavy hair.

Maybe modern perms might work - the last time I tried a beauty shop shop perm was back in the 70s. I wanted curly hair for my sister’s wedding - it was barely wavy. I gave up then & decided I liked my hair - most of the time. :wink:

They’ve come a LONG way.
I couldn’t survive without a perm.
They run upwards of 100 dollars, but my hair is very absorbent, and they last me 6-9 months.

Holy cow! Guess I’ll stick to my bun. :slight_smile:

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