Growth of the Catholic Church

I am interested in hearing any numbers on Catholic growth specifically in the third world. I is the Catholic Church in decline there as it is in the west or is it holding out and growing?


Growth in Holiness, is more important than numbers, all Religions in the West are down as they become more pagan, but we get a lot of Converts Praise the Lord, in Africa and in some Moslem Countries even people who want to become Catholic is staggering.

Are you thinking of Coming Home yourself ?

Happy Xmas and a Happy Holy New Year.

I was actually recently looking at stats about this, but I dont have specific numbers off the top of my head. In the West the Church is declining as a percentage of the population, but the total number of Catholics is increasing. In the Third World its growing pretty rapidly. The overall total number of Catholics is growing each year, and its growing at a slightly faster pace then world population growth, so the percentage of the world population that is Catholic is growing, but VERY slowly (the percentage of the world that is Catholic went up by something like one percent in the last one hundred years).

Each year the Church does a demographic report on numbers of Catholics, number of vocations, etc, you might look into that.

Much of this data (and more) is published in an annual book called the Catholic Almanac, available online and at most Catholic bookstores.

Yes I’m interested in looking at the almanac.

Yes I am indeed thinking and praying of coming home!

Well, that’s good to hear, but I hope you are not influenced by whether the Church is growing or declining in some part of the world (or all of it). The Church is still the Church, regardless of whether individual people accept or reject Her.

In the very early days, the Church consisted of only a handful of people, who were fearful for their lives because of their devotion to Jesus.

Numbers mean nothing. Truth is what matters. How many people choose to accept it is not relevant.

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