Grumpy priests!?


Greetings every one,
Has anyone encountered a really grumpy unfriendly priest?. I know they are only human and have off days but i have often wondered why a continually tetchy priest entered the church.
What impression does someone like this give to non-catholics?.He would not project an image of friendliness or indeed give a possible convert the right signals if that person wished to approach him.
I am fortunate to have only met a couple but who knows how many more are out there doing perhaps unknown damage to people curious about the faith?.
Fortunately the happy priests far outnumber the grumpy ones, anyone else experienced this?.
God Bless, Mick.


I have been “lucky” - I have met far more really grumpy unfriendly Catholics than really grumpy unfriendly priests.

One thing I keep in mind is that God gives us all gifts, especially his Priests, but not all Priests have the gifts of being called into “people” ministry. Yes, all Priests are called to serve God’s people, but some would serve better in roles where they are called to less personal interaction (such as tribunals, administrative duties, etc.)

We had one particular priest at our parish. A very knowledgeable man with a true love for God, but socially awkward and unwilling to learn or change. I don’t think he was happy at the parish, but he was rotated into a teaching position and then administration and seemed much much happier in those.

P.S. What does “tetchy” mean?


Hello there,
In answer to your question,“tetchy” means irritable,touchy,or cross,hope this helps and thanks for answering so quickly,kind regards, Mick.


I think it is basic loneliness. He is afraid to get close to you because you can’t be an intimate friend, male or female.
He can’t go fishing or hunting with you, spend time with your children or wife with out feeling being judged.
Next time, invite him over for a quite family dinner, watch a movie or the Lakers win the finals, play with your kids on the floor with the legos, well you get the idea. Be real interested in his childhood, his parents and brothers and sisters, well, it might work.


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