Guardian Angel Prayer

Do you pray the Guardian Angel prayer with your child?


Mt Mom says it with my little sisters every night. :slight_smile:

I’m considerably older, and I pray it daily.
All children in our parish RE program learn it at 3 yrs of age.
When I was little I credit this prayer with getting me home safe the mile walk to my house from St. Mary’s past a lot of shady neighborhoods.
One of my favorite prayers.

Well up there in years & still pray the prayer.

We do it. My grandmother thought me the guardian angel when Iwas a child and now iIcontinue doing it with mine.

My 4yo learned it before his other prayers. At one time, we had a pillowcase with the prayer printed on it.

I pray to my Guardian Angel every day as well as to St. Michael. And I am a big boy.


No, they are too young.

I pray it daily with my students in grade 2/3…have been for years…we love it :slight_smile:

Can someone post it on here? I dont know it…

Angel of God, my guardian dear!
To whom God’s love commits me here.
Ever this day be at my side
To light
To guard
To rule
To guide.

thanks pianstclare…:slight_smile:

Prayed it every single day with each kid, right from the first day of kindergarten school and we still do if driving my younger son to school.

My elder is now away at university, he still says it as he steps outside atleast that’s what he’s told me. I guess it’s a habit now.

I still remind them every now & then. I send a text reminder to my bigger boy to ask GA’s help before a test.

Their guardian angels have done an amazing job protecting them and keeping them on the right path.

Not many realize we have this great celestial being by our side to help, guide, teach, protect, inspire and even run errands for us. They will do anything we ask of them as long as it is not against the will of God.

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